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John Deere 5083E Review

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Good All Around Tractor Posted by Greg on 07/06/2013

I have the 5083e with cab and h 260 loader, front fenders, and power reverser with loaded rear tires.

For the ones that think a cab is not worth it let me tell you, it is like farming from your recliner in the house and keep in mind I am 26 and saying this. The cab is very nice I only have the one button air seat I thought Deere ordered the deluxe seat with 3 options from the M series but I only ended up with the one button. But the seat is nice so I didn't complain about it lol.

This is the perfect tractor for a small cattle operation 112 acres here in southeastern Ohio. It has a lot of power and the neighbor round baled with it and said it had more power than his 85 horse Ferguson. I have done some plowing and disking with are heavy 10 foot disk and it had no problems.

The plow was only a two 16 John Deere but I believe it can handle a four bottom in good ground or a three in clay soil like I have. I never had to run the tractor over 1700 rpms while plowing. This was in 3 b at about 4 mph.

I have done a lot of brush hogging and it is a sweet comfortable ride. You have to be careful about running over bush there is no belly and not one that you can buy yet.

There is a lot of hydraulics lines and filter and ac unit that is under there. The the loader lines can be run up and over the loader mount to help prevent some problems.

The front tires are very soft and easy to gash open I am having one repaired now.

I have a 7 foot haybine and the tractor runs it very good at 4 mph in e PTO option.The tractor runs my 5x5 round baler at 1700 regular PTO in 4 b at bout 4.5 mph never lost any power even on hills.

I also have the h260 loader and wow it is beefy and powerful if you feel that you want to do a lot of digging the tractor and loader are ready for it. It is very easy to get on and off takes a real time of about 12 mins on and off with no help and no right hand door. Be careful with this loader 'cause even with loaded rear tires, I can easily pick the whole end of the tractor off of the ground with a full bucket of dirt or any other heavy items.

I recommend getting 4 wheel weights for the back. The 4 wheel drive is the best thing since the pocket on a tee shirt lol. It is kind of hard to get out though, but if you raise the tires off of the ground with the loader than it comes right out. Without the loader just rock back and forth and it will come out.

But I did have a few bugs that had to be worked out: one was a valve in the three point arms or rock shaft. Bent loader bracket. The power reverser had to be re-calibrated, the dome light. But I have 86 hours on it now and love it. The total package was $49,400.

Model year: 2012 Date Purchased: 04/04/2013 Number of Hours: 86
Pros: Powerful, comfortable, reliable, nice, capable, fun, 'bout 2.8 gah on fuel, and don't forget it's green and yellow lol. Cons: Soft tires, light in the rear end. Type of User: Homeowner 100+ Acres Location: United States Ohio I also considered buying: John Deere 5065E, John Deere 5085M
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