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John Deere 2520 Review

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Good All Around Tractor for Mowing and Light Landscape Work Posted by Mike on 05/08/2013

I'm writing this review after owning this tractor for 6 yrs now. I have about 300 hrs on it now and have only had to replace the battery so far (above the standard maintenance).

I purchase this tractor with the following additional add-ons:
62D mower deck
200CX loader
#46 backhoe

I use it primarily for mowing my 3 acres of ground which is very hilly. For this, it does a decent job but there is a fundamental flaw in the front casters on the mower deck in that they do not stay straight and are not rounded properly. Because of this, they vibrate sideways while mowing in the flat and are out of position when needed - causing it to gouge the turf. I've seen many different posts about this problem but no real good solutions. The weight of the tractor is pretty much at the limit for finish mowing in my opinion. It can be a bit too heavy when the ground is wet but is fine most of the time.

I use the bucket primarily for moving dirt and driveway rock around the yard as needed. The backhoe works great as a counter balance for any bucket weight you can really put on it. It comes off very easily and can be on while the mower is on if needed.

The backhoe has been very useful for small landscaping jobs and putting in drain tiles for the downspouts, etc. The hydraulic power is adequate but the movement can be jerky if you move to fast on the controls. Taking it one and off isn't too bad except for having to remove all the 3pt arms in order to do it. Since the mower deck uses these for lift, it means that you have to re-level the deck each time I switch back and forth.

Overall, the tractor has never failed me - always started and has not had any mechanical issues so far. Overall power isn't bad but it will bog down in High gear when going up an hill - Low gear is never a problem.

In my opinion, the key to having a tractor in this size range is knowing what size you need and then realizing/accepting the limits of the machine you've purchased. I've read many times where people bought too little tractor for what they needed and then complained when it couldn't do it.

Yes, I'd buy this tractor again but I may consider the 2720 to get a bit more HP.

Model year: 2007 Date Purchased: 04/06/2007 Number of Hours: 1
Pros: Good multi-use tractor that does a variety of jobs. Cons: 62D mower deck has a design flaw. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: United States Illinois I also considered buying:
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