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John Deere 2720 Review

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JD 2720 Review Posted by Gus on 06/23/2013

This is my first tractor and although I've only had it for a few months, it's been put to good use doing a variety of tasks and it has performed well for me. I bought a Wallenstein BX42 chipper a couple months ago to clean up the woods and that thing works great with this size tractor, so the PTO has already earned its room and board.

I've also excavated a 12' X 24' hole in my yard for a swimming pool that's going in next month so the tractor has proven to be very handy in that regard as well.

The ground here is almost entirely sand and I used what I excavated from the hole to back-fill around a new detached garage I just built about 60 feet away from the future pool.

The four wheel drive has gotten me out a bunch of times but I try not to use it unless its needed because I can feel it bind at times when I'm steering even on dirt and other soft surfaces. I just figure why put the wear on it when I don't need it. I'm currently using the loader to move multiple face cords of firewood to another location on my property and that's something I used to do with a wheel barrow so it's a great tool to have. The hydro-static drive is absolutely great to have and this particular tractor is highly maneuverable and just the right size for what I need.

I have very few complaints, probably because it's still so new. It seems like the loader control can be quirky, particularly when trying to dump a load. I have to get just the right lever position to get it to dump quickly or the bucket moves very slowly.

I also find that engaging the second rear wheel with the foot pedal can be a challenge at times for some reason when I need additional traction. Maybe this is a normal condition on any tractor but it's something I've noticed so I figure I'll mention it.

I've been able to get a feel for moving the lower hand lever from two to four wheel drive and moving the upper drive lever from neutral to low or high because they don't always go easily. Sometimes it just takes a slight rocking of the tractor or a slight push on the forward or reverse pedal to engage either function. I guess that's just how tractors work.

It does seem to use very little fuel and it's often easier to drive than my pickup truck. I've learned to respect the danger of tipping it over and making sure I have the ballast box on the back when moving materials around because there have been a couple occasions when the tractor has come off the ground in different ways.

Overall it's been a great investment and I'm glad I got the size I did. I own 2 1/2 acres of mostly 80-foot pine and maple trees and this tractor will surely help me to manage it.

Model year: 2012 Date Purchased: 04/07/2013 Number of Hours: 14
Pros: Maneuverable in small areas, easy to drive, great material mover, easy on fuel, comfortable seat and controls, relatively quiet, and versatile. Cons: FEL control lever can be temperamental at times. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: United States New York I also considered buying:
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