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John Deere 3320 Review

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2012 John Deere 3320 Posted by Mike Herbert on 04/18/2013

I bought my John Deere 3320 in July of 2012. I have the e-hydro model with a cab and 3rd SCV. As of 4-18-2013 I have around 140 hours on the tractor. The tractor has had only a couple issues which the dealer and John Deere resolved to my satisfaction in a timely fashion.

Right from the start my air conditioning didn't work, no cold air would blow out. That problem was fixed without me having to bring my tractor anywhere.

Around 100 hours there was an issue with a loss of torque and when I would step on the accelerator the tractor would barely move at times. My load match also had issues. That problem turned out to be that they didn't program the computer correctly for load match and automotive cruise control features that were added. The settings didn't seem to hold either. About the same time my fuel gauge went out.

All 3 of these problems were solved after they replaced the computer. I must say my dealer worked hard to resolve the issue. They sent mechanics out to my place which is an hour drive to make repairs. When they determined that they needed to get the tractor in their shop they picked up my tractor and they returned it to me. That's what I call good service.

As far as the tractor, I think the only negative is it feels tippy side to side. I loaded the rear tires with rim guard and it helped this problem quite a bit, but it's still a little to tippy for my taste.

The good points are this tractor will turn on a dime. It maneuvers in the tightest of situations. The loader seems to have good power and the tractor itself seems to have plenty of power for a 32HP (25 HP PTO). The load match feature is very nice. It makes the tractor feel like it has more power than it really does. It powers by 5' brush hog very well. It also powers my 5' tiller with no problems. I have a 6'6" 2 stage 3 point snow blower and it powers it decent. I just have to drive a bit slow. Snow blowers are power hungry anyway and will eat up the power from any size tractor.

The e-hydro transmission is awesome! I would never think of buying a manual transmission on any tractor. The cruise control, speed match, motion match, and load match are nice features that highly compliment the automatic transmission to make the tractor much more user friendly.

I'm in NW Wisconsin and it's cold and snowy here. The tractor has started well in the cold and has plowed snow pretty well. I have a hydraulic v-plow blade mounted on my loader, a 6'6" 3 point 2 stage snow blower on the rear and I have installed 2 link v-bar ladder chains on the front tires. There is not enough room to mount chains on the rear tires without adding expensive tire spacers. I see this as a lack of engineering on John Deere's part. Who would make a tractor that can not have chains on the rear tires?

The cab is nice. It seals out dust very well. The seat is comfortable and there is good leg room. The windows are large and give you good views without blind spots. The controls are laid out pretty well. The heater and air conditioner work well and a stereo is an added bonus. It makes work feel like fun!

I use my tractor to maintain my 40 acres and to do a little at our family cabin on 50 acres. I use it to gather firewood and split it my my 3 point log splitter. I have made some small deer plots and garden space. I use it for plenty of snow removal. It maintains my road and driveway. I also use it to clear some land and for landscaping work. So far the tractor has worked well for everything I have tried.

Model year: 2012 Date Purchased: 07/15/3012 Number of Hours: 140
Pros: Great promotions for buying, highly maneuverable in tight spots, poweful for its size, comfortable cab, e-hydro transmission is a must have! Cons: Tippy side to side and can't install rear chains without costly tire spacers. Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: United States Wisconsin I also considered buying: Kubota L3240, New Holland Boomer 35, LS Tractor R4041H
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