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John Deere X320 Review

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John Deere X320 Posted by Patrick Brown on 07/10/2011

This review will be my initial impression as I just received it and only mowed once, only 2 hours on it.

Build Quality: I'm a little concerned about the paint application of the 48" deck. Under the welded bracket for the anti-scalp wheels, I can see bare metal, the paint is extremely thin to non-existent.

Features: The dash layout is a little awkward. If you have anything attached to your key ring (dealer tag, barn key, etc.), it works it's way into the space under the PTO as you're mowing. You have to almost pry it out to push the PTO back down. This is a bit problematic with the disengagement of the deck when you go into reverse.

Performance: So far, very impressed. Lots of power, smooth ride, quiet.

Value: Would give it 5 stars if not for the paint on the deck. I guess I would expect a little better considering the price. Don't know if they would re-paint under warrantee.

Reliability: If it runs for 18 years without needing a single service (other than maintenance) like my last one, I'll be extremely happy to say the least

Dealer Experience: One was crap, one pretty good and one excellent. First one: took 3+ weeks to replace a carb on my old tractor. Second, the one I actually purchases the X320 from, fair at best. I had asked upon delivery if the deck was leveled and was told yes. Not, I scalped the heck out of my lawn. When I went to adjust the deck, the tool I needed was not delivered with the tractor. I called the dealer and was told "it used to be in with the owners manual but it was tearing up the manual so we don't deliver them anymore". If that's the case the advertising needs to be adjusted so the customer doesn't expect it. The third dealer, the one I was referred to to pick up my missing deck adjustment tool from, was excellent and then some!

When I arrived to pick up the tool, they had it waiting with my name on it, asked me if I new how to use it, and actually demo-ed it for me on a tractor from the show room. I inquired about a brush guard for the tractor.

The salesman told me he doubted if they had them in stock but that he would check. Another gentleman said he was sure he had one on another tractor he could get for me, took it off another tractor and even showed me how to install it! Now that's what I'm talking about, Service!

Model year: 2011 Date Purchased: 07/05/2011 Number of Hours: 2
Pros: Power. Cons: Deck Paint - Suspect Dealer Service. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: United States Ohio I also considered buying:
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