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Kioti CS2410 Review

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Exceeds Expectations Posted by Gary on 06/09/2014

I purchased Kioti CS2410 after shopping the most popular brands including a Massey Ferguson GC1720 TLB, Mahindra eMax25 & Kubota BX25D. I looked at others too, but the above made the short list and got test driven & compared.

These four machines are all VERY similar, with each having something a little better than the others and each having something not quite as good too. In the end I really couldn't find much fault with the CS2410. The reputation/presentation by the dealer, and a great price, sealed the deal.

My CS2410 is equipped with a front end loader, back hoe, 60" mid-mount mower, snow blower, all riding on R4 tires. I also had the dealer install a guard for the hydro filter as well as a brush guard. Since it's June, I can give an opinion on everything but the snow blower.

The FEL has nice fast movement just off idle. Given its size, it has plenty of lift capacity. The float position---not available on all FEL's in this class---is feature no one should be without.

Removal is as simple as others in the class; remove two pins, lift the rear mount over the pivot pin, back away and disconnect the four lines.

The other machines in the class include an attached stand that pivots into position, but Kioti chose to use a detachable stand. It's not a big deal, but not the standard.

The backhoe is well thought-out and with a 12" bucket (8 & 16 are available too) it's very capable. The operators seat swivels and elevates into position when off the machine, providing a roomy working area with good visibility. Once again, the controls are nice and snappy without having to rev the machine at high rpm.

The BH is easily removed (and reattached) by removing two pins, rocking the unit off it's mounts (using the stabilizers and bucket) and removing three lines. For my purposes, this is a must-have attachment.

The mid-mount mower is a good match to the CS2410. At 60" is provides a good cut. My land isn't the smoothest, especially in the fields, and the deck provides a nice even cut. It's not necessary to remove the MMM to operate/use the FEL or BH. The travel/lock position stows the MMM nice and high---high enough that I haven't need to remove it yet.

Worth mentioning is the tight turn radius: it's the same as the GT I had before this machine. And the mower was designed so it doesn't fill up with cut grass, making clean-up and maintenance a bit easier.

All isn't perfect. The seat is borderline uncomfortable. It's hard with minimal padding. I'll be looking for an aftermarket unit. The steering wheel is mounted such that with the seat all the way back it's a far reach to the wheel and it obscures the top of the instrument panel. At 6'1" I don't need to put the seat all the way back, but if I'd had to I wouldn't be happy.

But this is nit-picking a great machine. The good news is that the operators station is very wide with a lot of seat travel to get the seat in a comfortable position.

So far I'm quite pleased with the machine. I have R4 tires, which are kind to the lawn and hook-up okay on loose soil. The differential lock and 4WD make up for any loss of traction. I look forward to mounting the snow blower and putting it to work all winter long.

Model year: 2014 Date Purchased: 05/15/2014 Number of Hours: 25
Pros: Great capability and features and a competitive price. Cons: Monkey-butt seat. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: United States New Jersey I also considered buying: John Deere 1026r, Kubota BX25D, Massey Ferguson GC1715
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