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Kioti Ck20S HST Review

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CK20HST Posted by Mike Cryne on 03/25/2013

I purchased this tractor to prepare my 3 acre parcel and to prep. It has performed well after suffering multiple issues most of which were owner/nature inflicted.

First, my father drove it off a 10 ft wall with the loader bucket and mower deck on it, fortunately it was caught by the bucket which was down. The accident required his neighbor to lift it out of its predicament with a boom crane, there were a few scrapes but no significant damage.

Next, a micro burst of wind collapsed the old dairy barn it was stored in to collapse sideways flipping the tractor on its side and pinning it under many tons of debris and a foot and a half of snow.

The result was a crushed left rear fender, ruined battery (acid leaked out) and acid rotted air screen in the hood. Last incident was the hydraulic direction control lever was pushed or got caught while brush hogging a heavily wooded lot (possible the linkage under the fender) and caused the hydraulics to somehow bind up. The end result was that the hydraulic pump locked up and broke the end of the cam with the lobe that drives the pump off, leaving the unit with power only to the transmission but no hydraulics.

The dealership went to bat and Kioti paid for all materials, new hydraulic pump, cam shaft etc. I paid only @ 1K labor, bill would have been over 4K.

I would have much preferred a product made in U.S.A., but basically are none. Should have bought the next size larger just for the horsepower & hydraulics.

I use w/loader, back hoe, finish mower, brush hog, box blade, scraper blade, core aerator, and 4' roto tiler. The backhoe would perform better w/more hydraulics and I would like to use a slightly larger finish mower (I'm told 5' is max), a PTO chipper (hard to find one small enough) and a auger/post hole digger with a large bit (told 8 - 10" max for sandy area w/no rock).

I believe I got what I paid for and have no real complaints just 20/20 hindsight.

Model year: 2007 Date Purchased: 05/01/2007 Number of Hours: 800
Pros: Good hydraulics for tractor size, well built, reasonably priced Kubota knock off. Cons: Not made in U.S.A. Poor placement of ignition key---anyone over 5'5" hits it with knee and is in jeopardy of breaking it off. Design of hydraulic direction control lever system. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: United States Delaware I also considered buying:
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