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Kioti DK40SE HST Review

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Good Cold Weather Tractor Posted by Sparky277 on 05/25/2014

I am a long time user of tractors, and this is my second Kioti. The first was a little CK22 with loader/backhoe, which a neighbor now owns.

My primary tractor is a John Deere 6400. So, I have a lot of experience with my larger John Deere, and not so much yet with my new Kioti.

Many of my comments and ratings may increase over time, because I am not dissatisfied with the Kioti, but I feel that my JD rates nearly a 5 across the board. So, keep in mind that I am still learning how to use a new Kioti tractor.

Like my JD, the Kioti has a cab which is well appointed. Front and rear wipers/washers, heat and AC, lots of visibility in the right places.

Cab is very weather tight, and since my primary usage of the tractor, to date, has been snowblowing, I appreciate the comfort and visibility it affords.

The cab is somewhat lacking on sound deadening insulation, and I do wear hearing protection when running the engine at PTO speed. The Kioti engine is not quiet!

Using a hydro-static drive is unfamiliar territory for me. I am accustomed to multi-range, multi-speed transmission with forward/reverse lever. I find the HST has some advantages, but I do occasionally treat the "forward" peddle like the foot throttle on my JD. That doesn't work too well, as the engine output quickly "wilts" dependent on the hand throttle position, and reminds me that I am not operating the JD.

The hydraulic "joy stick" is very similar to the JD one that I'm used to. So, no learning curve there.

The local hydraulic control, [on the back of the tractor] for the 3PH, is a great help in mounting any 3PH attachment.

The various tractor controls and cab controls are quite different than I'm accustomed to, but are intuitively arranged. The cab mounted work lights cover the area you'd expect them to, so work space around the tractor is very well illuminated.

The radio is not very useful, due to engine noise. But I've worked around that with some fancy hearing protectors/head phones. I can listen to a favorite audio book, quite handily, while I'm snow blowing for an hour or more.

I purchased the tractor during the "free" FEL offering, and with a six foot front mount snow blower. The snow blower is Kioti branded, but is, I believe, manufactured in Canada by a well known manufacturer of snowblowers. The installation requires a sub-frame for the snowblower.

The sub-frame is much more that just a "frame". It provides support and protection for the mid mount PTO (2000 rpm) output shaft that drives the blower gearbox. It also handles the lift function by means of an included hydraulic cylinder. The range of lift is -6" to +11" referenced to auger housing contact on level surface.

Attachment of the snow-blower, to the frame, is well thought out, and fairly simple if tractor and attachment is on a hard, flat, level floor.

Blower is easily mounted without help, in five minutes, if the above conditions are met. If not, you need a helper.

As you may be imagining, the sub frame/snowblower combination results in the rear wheels having very little weight for traction.

I purchased a 3-ph mounted weight box, of 8 cubic foot capacity. Loaded with sand, it adds about 900 pounds to the rear wheels and given that the weight is multiplied somewhat, by position, with respect to the fulcrum point (wheels) it greatly improves rear wheel traction. A good set of chains, on the rear tires made this tractor able to handle most snow covered slopes safely.

As for desired functionality, my new Kioti tractor/snowblower meets my needs. There are a few things I will change before next snow season. Loading the rear tires will be first and hopefully offers a big gain for the buck (about $400).

Now it is warmer weather, in Maine, and the snow blower/sub-frame is stored away. The FEL is on the tractor.

One benefit the DK40 offers, over my JD, is that it is light enough to load on a flat bed and pull behind my pickup.

So far I am quite pleased with this new Kioti, and haven't managed to break anything yet, except the radio antenna.

I am quite anxious to learn how rugged the universal quick attach mount, on the loader frame is, and am considering two attachments that will mount on it. A bushhog with hydraulic drive, and a small beam mounted grapple.

The fluid flow/pressure rating of the tractor hydraulic pump will determine what I can mount on the loader frame. I'm hoping that I won't discover that I should have opted for the DK50 and its extra PTO output, for use with a shaft mounted hydraulic pump.

Perhaps I should have rated it higher, in all categories. But, with only 52 hours usage to date, I feel that I don't have sufficient data to grant a maximum positive rating. Please understand that I am very satisfied with my new Kioti and may append to this review at a later date

I think the Kioti DK40SE HST Cab model tractor is a very user friendly, capable machine. I expect that like an earlier, smaller Kioti I owned, it will prove to be a good investment and have reasonable resale value, should I decide to sell sometime down the road.

Model year: 2014 Date Purchased: 09/30/2013 Number of Hours: 52
Pros: Over all quality and performance. Cons: None at this time. Type of User: Homeowner 100+ Acres Location: United States Maine I also considered buying:
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