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Kubota BX2370 Review

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Happy So Far Posted by Goose on 09/14/2013

After wanting a SCUT for a long time, we finally bought one after a long search. We have only an acre of lawn to mow, a 150' gravel sloped driveway, and only a handful of trees. We really didn't need a SCUT. We had a Husqvarna garden tractor with a snowplow and a box blade. It did everything around the house we ever asked it to do.

With this in mind, we considered the JD 1023e, the Massey Ferguson GC 1705 and GC 2400, and the Cub Cadet/Yanmar SC 2400. All were more than capable of doing what we needed (mow, remove snow, and tend to the driveway).

We got a BX 2370 with R4 tires, the quick attach loader, 60 inch MMM, ROPS lights, and a Land Pride 60" box blade. Before anybody jumps me for putting a 60" box blade on a BX 2370, remember my uses: snow removal, tend to the gravel driveway when it gets rutted up. The box blade also acts as my counterweight for the loader. I do not intend to do heavy dirt work with this tractor. Having said that, I have used to box blade to cut a new ditch, and level some areas. It works fine. Sure, I can get bogged down if I get the box full going uphill, but I just take smaller bites.

The tractor itself seems well-made. We especially liked the metal fenders, hood, and floor pan. I was skeptical about being able to see the LED display on the dash out in the sunlight. That is not a problem. You will notice that the fuel gauge stays on full for an eternity and then goes from full to empty in a heartbeat. When you come off of "full", you better figure on refueling soon.

Love the power steering. The seating position is very comfortable for me. Lots of leg room, and the reclining seat is quite comfy. We looked at a left-over BX 2360, and quickly eliminated it because we liked the seat, the higher steering wheel, and the left side brake pedal on the 2370 better.

In about 12 hours of use, I've used about 6 gallons of diesel. With my old gas tractor, that would be about 10 gallons of gasoline---that's nice. I'm not thrilled about having to remove the grill guard to remove the panels around the engine to perform the oil filter change, but that only happens after 50 hours and then every 200 hours after that. That means I'll only have to do it every few years. I can live with that, I guess.

One thing that I thought I'd really hate but don't is the rocker pedal for forward and reverse. I got used to that pretty quickly. I think I'd still prefer side by side pedals for that, though.

The mower is a big improvement for us, too. One of the glitches we had with our Husqvarna garden tractor was that it would cut unevenly on a side slope, leaving the grass with a terraced look. That is eliminated with the Kubota deck. The 60" width makes quick work of our acre, too. More time for dad to spend with the family is always a good thing.

Another nice thing about the mower is that the clippings are really evenly distributed so that you don't get rows of clippings when the grass is a little on the high side before being cut. When not in use, the deck can be locked in the up position and leaves about 5-6" of ground clearance. Even doing some light box blade work and loader work, I didn't even have to think about removing the mower. I can't say how hard it is to remove the mower because I haven't done it, yet, but it looks pretty simple.

The loader seems pretty tough, too. I had the dealer weld two lifting hooks to the back of my bucket. I used these to lift a set of pre-cast concrete steps that weighed about 500 pounds. The front tires were squished down doing it, but it lifted them. Another advantage we liked about the Kubota was that the loader is able to perform two actions at once. In other words, you can lift and curl at the same time. A lot of the competitors couldn't do that. They could only do one thing at a time. I have gotten the loader installation/removal down to about three minutes for me after only about four cycles. It's not hard to do at all.

So far, we like it. No problems, yet, but I don't expect any in only 12 hours.

Model year: 2013 Date Purchased: 08/24/2013 Number of Hours: 12
Pros: Comfort, power, ease of use, good cut, fuel consumption, smooth loader. Cons: Rocker pedal for forward and reverse, weird fuel gauge, access to engine sides. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: United States Pennsylvania I also considered buying: Massey Ferguson GC2400, John Deere 1023e
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