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Kubota BX2370 Review

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Powerful Subcompact Tractor Posted by Wayne on 07/27/2014

I've only had my new BX2370 for two weeks, with just a dozen hours on it, and replaces a Cub Cadet 1050 lawn tractor for my 1.5 acre property. I'm totally impressed by the tractor's power, and the effortless and precise steering. I've serious issues with shoulder pain, and the power steering is a delight!

Though it has a theoretically wider turn radius than my lawn tractor, the longer wheelbase and geometry of the wider mid-mounted deck permits me to weave precisely around flower beds, and a much smaller diameter circle around trees.

The FEL is extremely easy to remove and remount (follow directions to the letter, and you'll have no issues!), and the mower deck, likewise.

My wife enjoys using the tractor, and her first remark on trying it was how light on it's feet it was. The rear tires have been loaded with Caliber brand tire ballast, which actually improves the driving experience, while anchoring power to the FEL. Although the on-line specs had the ROPS overall height exceeding my barn door, I am actually good to go, with over an inch to spare, possibly due to the ballasting.

The standard mower deck cuts and discharges beautifully, even at 2,500 RPM, and distributes clippings much better than my old Cub Cadet mulching mower. I will never again own a mulching mower, due to its tendency to harbor a compacted, almost cemented mass under the deck, that accumulates very quickly with healthy grass.

I am most impressed by its extremely light fuel consumption. After a full 10.5 hours of use, I filled it to the top with just 4.2 gallons. The fuel gauge on mine is very precise, contrary to report of one reviewer. I've had few occasions where I required more power than it delivered at my usual working RPM of 2500, which I'm using as max during break-in. The machine reeks of power, even at idle.

I concur with one reviewer that it's rear hitch plate is rather useless, but given the fact that any number of 3-point hitches can be purchased that will actually perform better for pulling carts, it's a rather non-issue. For those who desire to use the mounting plate, I suggest a nice Reese-style hitch receiver that can be simply mounted via a flat plate and four bolts, and is available for less than $90.00 or can be made in ten minutes by any welder from a $30.00 receiver and 4x4" plate steel.

The power of the machine is absolutely awesome, lacking nothing. The 4WD and turf tires cannot be beat for over-all use, in my estimation. They float well on sand, and have fabulous traction on grass, while they are universally considered tops for snow, performing like the best off-road tires. While they might be less than ideal for strictly gardening use, plowing, and pulling implements in heavy muck, I would not hesitate to recommend turf tires for most uses around the house.

As for the engine, it's magnificent! I've heard lots of diesels, but this one has that wonderful start-up sound reminiscent of a WWII PT boat, that makes 23 HP sound like something---"Kathrummmm!". Any engine that sounds that classy has to be great.

Controls are superb. I really like the forward-reverse pedals, mounted just as they are, forward and back. Very logical, and extremely easy to adapt to. The re-positioning of the brake pedal to the left for this year, and the higher steering position is just right. The seat has very good travel, and the seat-back adjusts for any angle, even forward of vertical, for those who tend to lean forward, and need support. Back support and armrests make life atop the machine very nice. I'm 6-3" and my wife is 5-1", and we each find the entire setup extremely comfortable.

The machine is extremely well-built. I know machinery, and this is certainly above-par compared to anything else in its class... no, nothing is in its class! The front axle is fabulously hardy, and all chassis assemblies are heavily welded of extremely strong and heavily dimensioned steel. Those requiring the three point hitch, take note that it's a full category I rated hitch, as compared with Deere's Limited Cat. I. Though subcompact in size, this is a real, working tractor, designed for serious use, and not an upgraded lawn tractor sporting plastic fenders and a substandard 3-pt hitch that's far overpriced, with someone else's Yanmar engine under the plastic hood.

As far as value is concerned, my investigation of the Kubota BX2370 compared to machines of similar size, revealed a machine that's far more substantial, and at a much lower price point. In fact, after the current 0% financing, combined with a $1,500.00 Kubota rebate, my machine with 60" deck and front end loader, and ballasted rear tires, came to just $13,900, with free delivery from 80 miles distant. I was totally unimpressed with the Deere offering that came to $21,000, complete with empty tires, plastic fenders and hood, and what I perceive to be a rapidly-shrinking consumer interest in the color green for what they deliver these days.

Model year: 2014 Date Purchased: 07/12/2014 Number of Hours: 12
Pros: Everything. Cons: Lack of extended drawer bar mounting provision. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: United States New Hampshire I also considered buying:
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