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Kubota B2620 Review

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Kubota 2620 Posted by Jason Ramsey on 04/23/2013

After quite a long decision making process, I decided on a Kubota B2620 over a similar compared John Deere 2320 or 2520. I believe the JD is a good tractor but opted for the Kubota. I purchased the LA364 loader and 54 inch belly mower.

My reason for selecting Kubota is this: The tractor is made in Japan but the front loader and belly mower are made in GA. The JD was made all over the place, I like the fact Kubota makes everything on this tractor.

This tractor is strong for its size, I am able to run my fatherís 50 inch rear tiller with no problem, front loader is more than enough to pull the rear loaded tires off the ground.

Here are some points of interest if you are looking at a tractor of this size: If you are going to use this tractor for mowing, keep in mind if you go over a 54 inch mower deck, you get gauge wheels for height adjustment (JD and Kubota). This means the mower actually rolls on the ground while you mow, if your ground is not perfectly smooth, itís a horrible experience.

If most people are like me, a lot of my yard at one time was pasture so I opted for the 54 inch mower deck which is a "floating" deck...rotary dial adjustable.

Another point of the floating deck is that you can lock it in the up position without exiting the tractor and putting a pin in the linkage if you decide to use the 3 pt with the deck still on.

Kubota has a three range hydro drive. I hardly ever use the low range (tilling mostly), I find myself using high for tramming and level mowing, med rang works for loader work and mowing on grade. JD pushes its easy on/off loader; I can remove mine in approx 2 minutes. Installing is almost as quick. Just serviced mine for the first time.

Kubota offers a 5 filter kit for 100.00 bucks (good deal) it included air, hydro, hydraulic, oil, and fuel filter. This tractor is a little bit lighter than the JD, I cannot speak of the JD's power and traction, but the Kubota has done all I want it to do. It has bar turf tires on the rear and turf on the front. I am amazed at how little it marks the ground even in wet conditions.

We have owned and currently own several Ford, John Deere and Masseyís on the farm with no complaints. I am just as happy with this little tractor as I am with the larger ones. I truly believe you will like what you get used to.

Model year: 2012 Date Purchased: 03/07/2012 Number of Hours: 70
Pros: Very strong tractor for size. Cons: Does not offer quick attach bucket. Type of User: Homeowner 50-100 Acres Location: United States West Virginia I also considered buying: John Deere 2520, John Deere 2320
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