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Kubota M8540 Narrow Review

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Good Tractor but Could Use Some Refinement Posted by Robert in NY on 06/06/2013

This is a good tractor with a lot of room in the cab for a narrow tractor. My biggest complaint with it is that it is a lot rougher riding then the other narrows I have used and it is a lot louder in the cab then I would like. The noise issues stem from two places, one is the tool box is bolted to the cab frame and the noise of that rattling around transfers into the cab. The other issue is the lift levers are metal and bounce off the metal guide holes causing an annoying and loud metal clanging noise right next to the seat.

I have radials on the rear and bias on the front (Kubota sent it that way), and I have played around with varying air pressure and cast weights to try and smooth out the ride. While it is better it still isn't great. I am limited to working under 3 mph to help save my body while using it. I will continue to try different setups in hope of smoothing it out a little more. I make an adjustment then use the tractor through multiple tasks before I tweak things again just so I know how it performs through various ground conditions and jobs.

One item I really found frustrating was the hydraulic filters placement. First there are two of them, they both cost the same as what one larger filter costs on all my other tractors so the filters end up costing twice as much. They are mounted on the side of the rear housing directly behind the right rear tire. To properly replace these filters you should pull the rear tire so you can clean all the dirt and debris away from the filters. If you don't then the dirt will fall straight down and possibly into the rear housing. The filters are placed close together forming a shelf for mud and grass to collect on. I would have preferred they moved it by piping it to the front right side in front of the cab and mount a single filter there where it would be easy to replace. So if you buy one of these tractors take care when changing the filters.

Kubota is heading in the right direction with this tractor. We have a very limited selection of narrow fruit and vineyard tractors available in this area (mainly John Deere, Case-IH/New Holland and now Kubota). So I hope Kubota continues to improve on their narrow as it could be a very strong player in this market with a little refinement.

Model year: 2012 Date Purchased: 12/28/2011 Number of Hours: 221
Pros: Spacious cab, strong engine and well laid out interior. Cons: Rough riding, loud cab, poor hydraulic filter placement and not a single cup holder in the cab. Type of User: Commercial Farmer Location: United States New York I also considered buying:
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