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Kubota L2800 Review

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L2800 HST Posted by Matt Reinemann on 11/05/2011

Well I just sold my 1958 JI Case 400b and got a 2010 L2800. So far so good only have 10hours on the Kubota, it was a left over from last year. Should have bit the bullet in the first place and went with the Kubota, had the case for 1 year.

Have property that is fairly hilly and I also have a small homeowners band sawmill that I use for projects around the house. I move trees up to 20" wide and at the most 20 foot long because that is all my mill will handle and as of right now I am happier than a pig in you know what.

I have pulled out roughly 30 foot long trees that are probably 18" wide at the butt just using a chain from the draw bar. It is November here and we are 18" over average for rain this year with all the hurricanes and tropical storms here so it is super muddy.

The mud here is clay so it sticks to the tires like glue. I pondered R4's vs R1's and am happy I went with the R1's I can't believe what this little thing will pull through mud, up hills, and through my small stream.

Can't comment on reliability yet other than it always starts as soon as the key is turned.

Have a set of bucket forks that I got for the loader and they work well. Have the LA 524 loader which is currently the loader that comes with the L3200 and 3800 and it has enough balls to lift 20' trees onto my mill.

It's a small tractor, but I feel for the size of the machine that the loader is matched nicely for the size and weight of the machine. So far so good I still have to rig up my fisher 7' plow to my loader using a blank skid steer attachment plate that I need to weld the plow to. I had the dealer put on a set of rear remotes and make lines to got to the front of the loader so I can angle the plow.

The dealer install looks good they mounted it to the ROPS. Got a good deal on the L2800 also was seriously considering the John Deere 3032e but wasn't impressed with the loader or the weight of the machine compared to the Kubota. Comment more when I have more hours on the machine.

Model year: 2010 Date Purchased: 10/27/2011 Number of Hours: 10
Pros: Seems bullet proof so far. Cons: Noisy hst. Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: United States New York I also considered buying: John Deere 3038E, Kioti DK35SE HST
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