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Kubota L5740 Review

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Update on L5740 after 4 years Posted by nebraskasparks on 01/03/2015

Nothing has changed. Still very satisfied with this purchase after 4 years. No problems. Designed to work! This tractor replaced a 1954 Ford Jubilee that worked well the past 9 years. I was getting ready to purchase a Deere model when I talked to a Deere mechanic and I threw out the word "Kubota". The look in his eye when he said "I can't badmouth a Kubota" said volumes when it comes to small tractors.

The Anbo grapple continues to spend more time on the front end than my bucket. There's no limit to it's usefulness here on the farm. Tractorbynet members talked me into getting a grapple...best advice ever.

Starting at negative temperatures during the winters - no problem.

FEL is so strong that if grapple is stuck on tree roots or equivalent that it will lift the rear of the tractor off the ground with 1300 lb mower on back and two sets of rear wheel weights.

The strength of the three point is great. It handles 1300 lb mower just great. You just have to ride the 3 pt control over rough ground. I can trim right up to the edge of the creek with it slightly elevated.

I LOVE the HST for smooth, slow operation around all obstacles. I'm glad I went with HST versus a manual gear tractor.

The cruise control lever (for cutting hayfield, etc.) is also well thought out.

My only critique so far is I would prefer a PTO lever versus a yellow knob when I'm looking backwards and the owners manual was designed for a 5th grader. Example: "Do not operate tractor on slope or hill to steep for safe operation". Still burns me. Kubota and others could do much better giving basic weight and balance information.

Today I had to change back and forth a couple of times with the grapple and bucket. It was a piece of cake. You don't dread having to change a piece of equipment. A few minutes and you're on your way to do a different job.

Thanks for the heads up and bleeding down the 3rd function valve on the grapple hydraulics with the key on. It would have taken much longer had it not been pointed out.

This tractor exceeds my expectations. I did not expect this much strength with a compact tractor.

There is very little not to like on this tractor at this point. It can lift and mow at the same time and has the power to do it all. After 4 years performance...it's still doing the job flawlessly.

Model year: 2010 Date Purchased: 09/29/2010 Number of Hours: 230
Pros: Reliability Cons: Round yellow knob for PTO could be placed in a better position. Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: United States Illinois I also considered buying:
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