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Kubota M125 Review

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Kubota M125X Posted by on 08/16/2010

Although I love my Kubota, there are a few things I would have done differently.

The outside mirrors are crap, too small and difficult to adjust. I've already had I had to replace both the clamps because they broke off. The interior lining is too fragile or weak, it punctures easily and not very good for cleaning.

The knobs on the adjustment system for the 3p system have the bad habit of coming loose. a metal guard around the exhaust pipe broke the other day so it has a nice clinging sound now.

The Firestone tires it comes on are to weak, in 1300 hours they have at least 3 tears in them that will cause a problem in near future and they suffer badly with the chains on in winter time. The bolts on the outer circle of the rims need tightening way to often. the handle for the left side door broke and had to be replaced and the wire for the hand throttle broke.

Don´t get me wrong, I still Love my Kubota. Mind you my main tractor on the farm and still is in a lot of ways is a Zetor 7340 with ålö 620 FEL so my Kubota was a big step up in some ways, a stand still in some and a step back in a very few.

I love to work with my Kubota, the front reverse lever, the steering wheel, the seat...the seat might be a little better but good all the same. The hitch and 3p system could use i bit of work. First of all the locking pins for the balls on the arms were faulty (or faulted) causing damage to my mover because of the pins unlocking. Those were changed for new pins, but after having damaged my mover and causing me a whole lot of non needed trouble in the way of finding another mover to finish my harvest. When I went to my dealer they gave me the explanation that I was using the wrong balls, so I tried new ones and got the same result. Then the explanation was I had the mover not set up properly and so on. But then one day I get a letter asking me to bring it in for a claim job. Something about faulty pins in the 3p system. The bolts for the top of the gearbox/reardrive where replaced cause of faulty ones also.

Ever since it was new I have had some concern's-well maybe not concerns, but what slightly bothered me is the noise coming from the gearbox/transmission. It makes a noise when the wheel is turned. This I addressed when I took it for a test drive prior to purchase and was told by the dealer that It was normal noise. Stepping off the Zetor and on to the Kubota was a severe decrease in working noise so I took the explanation as valid and I do realize it is normal to have some noise (sound) when turning the wheel, but it is also a bit loud when driving on roads with full throttle.

I see now that I have a lot more ground to cover and will leave that for another day. So, to be continued.

Model year: 2006 Date Purchased: 07/01/2007 Number of Hours: 1300
Pros: Its orange. Cons: It could be a little more Orange. Type of User: Homeowner 100+ Acres Location: Europe Outside of the U.S. I also considered buying: Massey Ferguson 5445, Deutz-Fahr 110
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