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Long 360 Review

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Used Long 360 Posted by todd baxter on 09/24/2010

My JD 2355 took a major header into the dealers shop ($5K!!!) and I needed to get some mowing done, so I bought this used Long 360 sitting on the side of the road with a bushking attached to it. It looked old, hard-used and a bit sad sitting there, but it started on the first pop! So I bought it (for about half what it's gonna cost to fix that JD!).

It's a three banger, 33 HP (Fiat engine!), 4 over 4 gear box, with a two position PTO. It even had the original manual! Long is now out of business and this little tractor was made in Romania, back in the days of the USSR. I did not expect much, but boy am I surprised. It's not my JD with a loader, but is it ever simple and rugged as a Montana Boot.

I've no major problems and all I've really done is patch up behind the previous owner, who obviously was big into "delayed maintenance". The front end is light on this little guy, but it's pulling a 6 foot heavy duty cutter, interestingly the same brand and model that I have for my JD. It's about half the machine that the 55hp Deere is, but if the Long popped the hydro pump I'd have fixed it in the driveway, not shipped it to the dealer (who ever thought to put a hydro pump INSIDE the tranny case, John!!!) The front wheels come off the ground going up a steep hill, but the cutter keeps it from a true wheelie. It needs about 200# of weight on the front bumper to fix that problem.

Bottom line: if you need a rugged, simple/easy to work on machine and you can find one it's worth the $3K they might ask, you might even find one for less at the right time of season to buy 'em.

Model year: 1972 Date Purchased: 08/21/2010 Number of Hours: 100
Pros: Low cost, simple, easy to repair, & really rugged. Cons: Small & light in front end. Type of User: Commercial Farmer Location: United States Tennessee I also considered buying:
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