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Mahindra 4530 Review

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Mahindra 4530 Tier 4 Posted by chan gray on 10/16/2012

Kind of hard to give a honest review of this tractor as we have just put 50 hours on it. However here is what we have found so far. The tractor has done a good job at what we have done, pulls a 5 ft. Woods bush hog with no problem, a 12 ft. MM pick up disk pretty well and some light clearing with the front end loader,

I have to admit that I am probably very biased about front loader as this is the first tractor we ever owned with one and I will never buy another without it! We love it! There are a few things I have found that bother me.

The IPTO clutch---very important! If tractor is operated with IPTO disengaged for an extended period real damage can occur according to the manual, well The IPTO warning is a beeper which is hard to hear with motor running---maybe it's just me not hearing it. Wish it had a warning light.

Kind of hard to get in to 4wd, I think this is a linkage problem as I think the lever is dragging on the floor plate and I have not checked it.

Watch the exhaust turn out, I just noticed that the turn out will rub the hydraulic hoses on the right side of the loader frame if you carry the loader at a higher angle. I would like it to turn straight forward for clearance. Have not contacted dealer about warranty but I will as this seems to be a problem.

Service parts seem to be a little pricey but I think this is because it's a new tractor and no after market parts are available that meet specification.

Overall this tractor has done a good job and I would give it a good grade. The only reason I gave our dealer a kind of a low grade was that the tractor was delivered low on front axle lube and that made me wonder about other gear-boxes and delivery preparation, every thing else seemed to be fine. In his defense though I will say that the lube oil level changes with very slight angles, make sure it's level when inspecting.

I will enter another review as hours increase and we know how this tractor performs.

Thanks, Chan

Model year: 2011 Date Purchased: 10/25/2011 Number of Hours: 50
Pros: Very affordable, excellant front loader, very few problems. Cons: Some minor problems in text. Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: United States Missouri I also considered buying:
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