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Mahindra 3510 Review

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Great mechanically, amenities may need attention Posted by DiskDoctor on 03/05/2010

I bought my 2004 Mahindra 3510 12-speed forward/reverse geared tractor new in 2004. I believe it was manufactured by TYM, with a quick-disconnect ML-112e front end loader built by KMW.

Other than fluids and filter (and fuel) I haven't had to do much mechanically with this little workhorse. Plan to buy your hydraulic filters from a dealer, as you probably won't find a cross-reference. Be advise the WIX cross-references are for an older version with the wrong filter.

It starts every time and runs without complaint.

The Nimco FEL valve is an earlier design that has since been redesigned to overcome the problems. It can be reworked, but the new design is a welcomed upgrade. I believe Mahindra replaced the valve in later models with a Prince valve.

Even if you stripped this machine of all gauges, switches and non-essential wiring, this would make a strong, reliable machine.

The wiring and switches have some known problems. Mostly a wire pinch spot or bad grounding location, which are documented along with the fixes on sites like www.tractorbynet.com

I would consider most of these minor nuisances that wouldn't change my mind about buying this machine again. After all, this is a tractor, not a car. The components are exposed to the elements and some pretty harsh stresses and environmental conditions, so some of this can be expected.

The loader is strong and with loaded tires and a 3pt implement as counterweights, this tractor can move dirt quickly. The loader can easily lift the back of the tractor.

This model had a smaller hydraulic pump and at about 8gpm, it is still strong, but you'll want some rpms when working the loader to achieve acceptable working speeds. The 3pt doesn't seem to care about rpms, is responsive, smooth and strong.

A dual range, switch actuated PTO has multiple settings to act as a live PTO running all the time, or as a standard runs-when-clutch-is-out mode. The same selector switch also has an off position, preventing the PTO from being engaged via the PTO button.

Add to this a fold-down ROPS, R4 tires, draft control, a standard set of rear remotes (complete with its own lever), and an included rear work light and you have a real workhorse in this 3 cylinder diesel.

The 35hp version delivers 29.5hp to the PTO to run even the most aggressive instruments, yet only sips the diesel while providing excellent torque.

A canopy with mounted work lights, a hydraulic top link or hydraulic top-n-tilt, and Pat's Easy Change 3pt connectors are "essential" add-ons that compliment the usability of this versatile machine.

You can find similar specs from competitors, but you'll probably pay more. Paying less for a comparable model usually means an off-brand compromise.

Model year: 2004 Date Purchased: 11/30/2004 Number of Hours: 800
Pros: Strong, mechanically excellent, and reliable. Good size for trailering, yard work, or digging jobs Cons: Paint fades quickly, electrical system could be better, finding hydraulic filters, parts can be hard to find Type of User: Homeowner 50-100 Acres Location: United States Pennsylvania I also considered buying:
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