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New Holland Boomer 30 Review

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Good Enough Tractor Posted by fearless on 10/03/2012

Bought this tractor to replace older CNH TC30. Got the unit with 3x4 Shuttle shift, 4x4, FEL, belly mower, backhoe; already had box blade, L.P. 60" pull behind mower, quick hitch rear attachment.

Quick comparison to TC30: the Boomer is 2 HP less, but weighs almost 1000# more, so its a little difficult to make a heads up comparison in performance. I will say the TC had noticeably more torque at lower RPM (where I almost always worked it)but the Boomer is smoother above 1600, so I guess that's a trade. The housing castings, front and rear are much heavier than the TC or comparable competitive tractors.

The new adjustable life arms are a great improvement over the old turnbuckles except I broke a adjustment link (that replaced the turnbuckle) when backing the pull behind mower (I think CNH buys these from the land of the Mahindra).

The electric PTO switch is a heck of a lot easier than the mechanical lever on the TC. Also I like the positioning of the control lever for the FEL. I liked the mechanical hour meter on the TC a lot better than the electric clock on the Boomer.

I don't use any more rpm than necessary, and I think the mechanical meter gives a better picture of how much the unit has been worked. Removing or changing implements can eat up a good bit of time on the clock but the engine is only idling to enable hydraulics. repositioning the tractor with the auger takes time but this is "no load" time. but when I get rid of the tractor the hours will be a big factor in what I can get for it.

The FEL can lift and carry a full load of wet clay or rock easily, but without a lot of counterweight keep the load as low as possible as the tractor gets light in the rear (the bucket is way out in front so it's quite a lever)

Right from the git-go this tractor has leaked hydraulic fluid from the attaching end (not the seal end) of the steering cylinder. The dealer picked up the unit yesterday to fix this problem.

The transmission does make some squirrely noises back up under my seat, especially in reverse, but the TC did (to a much lesser extent) and with no problems in 5 years with the TC, I'm not going to worry about it (unit has a 5 year powertrain warranty).

One other comment: I bought the tractor in June but the backhoe arrived to the dealer the end of September. CNH was unresponsive to the dealer and myself about delivery. No mention of a delay like this at time of purchase, and therefore I assumed one would be shipped from factory or another dealer, but this did not happen. The project I needed it for most is gone now.

The belly mower was also slow but did get to the dealer before the backhoe. I have not gotten either installed yet. If you buy the tractor make sure of the availability/delivery of the attachments from CNH.

I would definitely recommend this tractor to anyone needing more than a subcompact but not a high horsepower tractor. It has many features of bigger units and can do about as much work, just not as fast. I think it is, except for the quirks mentioned, well engineered machine. I am a mechanical engineer who also does civil work and some of the serviceability issues are no doubt due to engineering the requisites into a smaller tractor.

They can do better, but they have come a long way from the tractor I bought 5 years ago from CNH. I worked the old TC hard, very hard, pulling, pushing, and mowing. In 5 years I had one and only one problem: I bent a lower lift arm.

Absolutely no problem of any sort whatsoever with anything else. The TC certainly exceeded my expectations for reliability and workability. I think the reliability of the Boomer is going to be just as good and I am satisfied that it is going to be overall in the long run a better buy than competitive units (I have owned JD and AC before buying my first CNH).

Model year: 2012 Date Purchased: 06/01/2012 Number of Hours: 93
Pros: Strong, heavy castings for the drivetrain, especially for a 3000+ tractor; good visibility from seat; adjustable steering column; good controls positioning; adjustable lift arm links and arms; respectable power to weight; engine is smooth at higher RPMs (PTO speeds); good selection of speeds with 3x4 SS; SS is synchronized. Cons: With FEL the dipstick is not easily reached and is way too short (for my hands); the oil filter is very difficult to access/remove; there is no shut-off of fuel to the filter when changing same and the line was really too short to "pinch" as the manual suggests...a lot of fuel on the ground is inevitable; the position of the fuel fill is just plain difficult unless you use a pump/hose for fueling; with FEL the tilt-up hood gives very limited access to the engine. to do any real service is going to be difficult; no matter which shoes/boots I wear I have a problem with my foot slipping off to the outside of the clutch pedal. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: United States Alabama I also considered buying:
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