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New Holland T2310 Review

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New Holland 2310: The Tree Workers Tractor That Could Posted by Kevin Elkin on 01/05/2012

To begin, I am not a landscaper, that's as close as I could get with the categories given. I am a full-time tree worker in the Adirondack Mountains of Northern NY. I specialize in the removal of hazard trees. The start of my business was a hard scrabble beginning. I had two chain saws and a borrowed utility trailer.

When I got the tractor I realized dreams do come true and God does love me, and he is benevolent and merciful. Tree work is a good way to age your body quickly, but having the tractor has eased the burden considerably.

My New Holland has proven to be exactly the right machine for my needs. It has enough power to do most of what I want and it has good lift capacity with the front end loader.

It is small enough to negotiate most second home owner properties where, more often than not there was never though given to ever needing to get a piece of equipment in. A bigger machine with more power and lift capacity would be nice, but then I couldn't get to the material. It is the right size for my needs.

So what's good about the New Holland 2310? Well, to begin with, it has the hydrostatic transmission. Given what I do with the machine, it has been a great choice for me. Worth every penny. Most of what I do is loader work in one form or another and I tend not to do heavy pulling. For me it has absolutely been the right choice.

The 4x4 is a necessity. The operators platform was laid out thoughtfully. I like the location of the brake pedals (port) and the hydrostatic pedals (starboard). It allows me to utilize brake steering. I don't use it much, but when I want it I want it.
On other machines both sets of pedals are on the same side, making it very difficult to imagine utilizing brake steering.

In the 800 plus hrs. I have put on this machine it has provided solid, reliable performance. It always starts, it always runs. I ask a lot from my equipment. Some would say I beat it, but I got over that phase of my life well over a decade ago. What I do with my tractor is get the job done. Whatever it is, where ever it is. Here in the mountains, sometimes the ground is terrible. My tractor continues to impress me with what it will do. It doesn't look like much at only 40 hp, but the damn thing will work day after day, doing things a little tractor should never be asked to do.

Now for the negative. It's a short list, but needs to be included:

The safety switch located in the seat was terrible on this machine. It was "fixed" a couple of years ago. Since the "repair" I have had no more issues.

For a while I seemed to either be blowing hydraulic lines or dealt with them leaking excessively. No problems on that front recently.

Lastly, New Holland's decision to build plastic wheel fenders was perhaps one of the stupidest any American engineer has ever conceived. I do hold that against them, but there are so many great things about the tractor I have been able to not dwell on the fact.

Overall, I love my tractor. If I can find a woman as good as this tractor I will be well pleased. It does a great job, is reliable and way thoughtfully built (with the exception of the fenders). Without question I would recommend this machine, and I will likely buy another New Holland in the future.

Model year: 2009 Date Purchased: 09/30/2009 Number of Hours: 830
Pros: It does any job I ask it to do, it is reliable and it was thoughtfully designed. Cons: Safety switch in seat, some defective hydraulic lines and plastic fenders. Type of User: Commercial Landscape Location: United States New York I also considered buying: Kubota L4240
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