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TYM 293 Review

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My TYM 293 HST with FEL Posted by Doug Orlando on 12/31/2012

My tractor is a gem! Awesome power for such a small piece of equipment. The fiberglass body could have been restricted to the rear fenders and hood, but I added steel reinforcement to the rear fenders, and left floor area as well as a step attached to the lower frame and overcame those small issues.

The rope needs drain holes drilled at the base where it attaches to the main frame as they will fill with condensation and rain (when left down) and corrode. A simple 5/16" hole drilled at the very bottom of each side rope will do the trick (be sure to spray a Rustoleum paint to ensure that doesn't corrode too).

The powder coating on all the steel would last better if the metal edges were rounded before coating. The sharp edges make for very thin covering and the first place the powder coat peels at recommend repair by painting with a Rustoleum brand paint. Their bright red matches pretty good.

The belt recoiler for the seat belt needs to be relocated to the rear mounting bolt. You'll have to swap bolt as one is longer than the other. To allow the belt to angle properly and to operate smoothly.

I added lights to my ropes to provide light after dark as the tractor lights are very ineffective with the FEL attached. A couple 55 watt halogens mounted mid way up the top half of the rope will "light you up deluxe"! I also added a backup light to that circuit to be sure to help with the rear moves.

There's a hole for easy mount between the rope right behind the seat. I also installed a backing beeper. To pacify my bride most of all. A simple micro switch, small spring and 2" of light chain attached to the reverse pedal arm did the trick.

I have added chain hooks to my bucket and box blade to assist with log drags. I just finished building a set of hook and grab bucket forks for the front. In fact I have to go finish welding them up as my new grapple front attachment is due to arrive day after tomorrow and I'll need the forks to get it off the truck!

In short, (I know, "too late for that now!") I'm very pleased with my TYM293HST tractor. Go getchya one---you'll like it!

Be blessed, by Jesus...and look up. our redemption draws very near!


Model year: 2011 Date Purchased: 11/19/2012 Number of Hours: 52
Pros: Size, flexibility and power to size, plus the 3cyl mitz engine! Cons: Fiberglass floor and fenders without reinforcement (though easily overcome). Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: United States Mississippi I also considered buying: Mahindra 3016 HST
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