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TYM 603 Review

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Couldn't Do Without It Posted by MMRanch on 01/06/2012

First off, this has been my first and only tractor so far... so by no means am I a tractor expert.

This is a 2009 TYM 603 with Cab and TYM BT400 backhoe w/thumb. My dealer said it came from another dealer who went bankrupt so the tractor had been sitting outside on the lots for a while.

I own a 35 acre parcel that sits on a Colorado mountaintop at 9400ft elevation. The parcel is heavily forested with 60ft pine and aspen trees and has a 1/2 mile of road which rises 150ft over it's length.

On this property, there is a tremendous amount of forestry work that takes place as well as road work and snow plowing in winter (we got 400 inches of snow last season).

Typically, for forestry work... the TYM will be used to drag trees with a chain, move logs and brush with the FEL bucket or with a FEL grapple and the backhoe is used to elevate tree trunks for chainsaw cutting as well as ripping out stumps. A 3-point log splitter is used to split firewood. There is also a 3-point wood chipper to chip the smaller trees and branches.

For road work, the backhoe is used for drainage digging along the road (there are 3 switchbacks along the road) and the bucket is used for scraping. For grading road base, the snowplow is also used. The mountain is mostly rock and any backhoe or bucket digging quickly results in lots of rock (probably 70% rock/30% dirt). Also there are large boulders that must be moved with the bucket, grapple or backhoe.

For snow plowing... the TYM has snow chains on all 4 wheels and a 9ft trip-edge snowplow moves a huge amount of snow. The heated cab is great and frequently I must have the window and sunroof open to not overheat.

I have had several issues with the tractor that the dealer has worked to address and other issues that I have addressed. The thumb valve on the backhoe has had a spool leaking problem and the valve has been replaced but the leaking occasionally occurs and o-rings must be changed, etc. A backhoe hose developed a leak and had to be replaced.

Also, some of the backhoe control lever linkages wore out and had to be replaced. Part of the FEL linkage broke when doing some heavy lifting with the grapple and when I received the replacement parts, I had them reinforced with more steel so the break wouldn't happen again.

After heavy use, the bottom of the bucket bowed in the middle making it difficult to scrape level as well as making it difficult to attach the bucket tooth bar. I had the bottom of the bucket replaced with armor steel and now it doesn't bow at all.

Because I have no means of transporting the tractor and because my dealer is several hours away, I repair and mod what I can to avoid transport costs to the dealer. Some parts of the tractor are plastic that I wish were metal but that's the world we live in.

All in all, I have been very happy with this machine and the work she does... I couldn't manage this property without her!

Model year: 2009 Date Purchased: 03/01/2010 Number of Hours: 800
Pros: Machine works very hard. Cons: Several repair issues. Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: United States Colorado I also considered buying: Kubota B5001
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