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TYM 603 Review

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tym 603 cab 4x4 Posted by ropinghorns on 05/09/2010

Radiator fins too close together causes dirt to restrict air flow. Automobile rad. is not for tractor use. I could go on and on, but it looks like lack of hands on experience is the result of this design. Cab controls are not in the proper place. I have had lots of tractors that never gave these kinds of problems. They need to consult with the consumer and have a result in a great product. My 603 has really tested my patients, since I do tractor work full time. It decides not to run the pto every once in a while. We and the dealer have tried several things and it still likes to not work. But that is not my main problem. The fins are so closed together on the radiator and ac condenser that the thing over heats every day unless you blow it out daily. I have over 40 years of working around tractors and never had this kind of problem. My Massey 563 has never been cleaned out at the radiator and it is one year older than this 2007 TYM. What am I going to do? They replaced the radiator once and said it was an upgraded one. Same problem next day. What were they thinking? "stay out of dirty places? Update... TYM upgraded the wiring harness as a factory defect which was the PTO problem. They took care of it at the dealership, along with a new clutch , pressure plate, etc, that took care of the shaking when the clutch was released. It now has a bad oil leak and bad squeak in the cab that is LOUD! I did put an Ebay purchased, 12v. fan in reverse polarity that made it draw air with the factory installed fan. So far it has not really helped cause you still have to clean the radiator vents daily [cause they are so close together]. Grass is normal to clean out on any tractor, but dirt gets in between the fins like crazy. Auto rads are not tractor rads.

What a disappointment this tractor has been. The local dealer has been good but is backed up with other work when I take it in, and I need it often.

Positive note; it was great during the snow removal. We cleared lots of snow with it with no overheating at all!!!!!!

Model year: 2007 Date Purchased: 02/22/2008 Number of Hours: 350
Pros: Great heater. The potential is there for a great tractor. Cons: poor aircond. fan, radiator overheats, controls in cab misplaced Type of User: Commercial Landscape Location: United States Oklahoma I also considered buying:
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