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TYM 330 Review

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TYM 330 HST - Great Value for Me! Posted by Caine on 01/29/2012

I bought a "project house" with 9 Acres in 2009. After MAJOR excavation, it needed landscaping, routine land clearing, grading, etc. So I shopped used tractors for several months.

I ended up buying a used 2005 TYM 330HST with about 160 hours on it. It came with a 5' box blade, a 5' rake, and the standard (at the time) 5' FEL. I paid $9500 for all that- a great bargain. Later I acquired a 4' brush hog (4'? Hey, it was free!)

Some dealers poo-pooed the TYM brand as inadequately constructed, but I finally decided they were just trying to sell me their own brand without really having much of an argument against the TYM (I couldn't even get waited on in two visits to John Deere). While I don't know much about tractors per se, I'm reasonably savvy about mechanical things and concluded this was a pretty solid piece of machinery.

Since then I've put as many hours on it, and have nothing but praise, with one significant exception, and one tiny exception.

The Kubota engine has been flawless. It is heavy (I was advised to buy the tractor by the pound, and I bought 3500 lbs.) The 4WD works well, the hydrostatic transmission works well.

Issues: The PIMCO control for the FEL keeps blowing o-rings. The FEL is the early model, so this may have been corrected. If I do anything that loads the hydraulic system seriously, to the point of really bogging down the engine close to stalling, then I lose an o-ring and have hydraulic fluid come out. I have to disassemble it and put a new o-ring in.

I suspect that I need some special o-ring that is not the usual kind found locally, but I never chased it down to confirm. Always in too much of a hurry, so the fact that it is a recurrent problem is my issue, not the tractor's.

The second issue is annoying, but preventable now that I understand it. The H-M-L range lever bound up, and I couldn't figure out why, so ultimately I paid a dealer to come out and fix it. Apparently, where the shaft comes out of the transmission, the seal is on the inside of the opening in the transmission case, rather than the outside. As a result, moisture can get in and cause rust, which causes binding.

I felt pretty foolish as the mechanic simply sprayed a heavy-duty penetrating oil in the area, and then used compressed air to get it to penetrate further. Over a period of 30 minutes he got it freed up so it works like new.

Well, the same issue occurred with one of the brake linkages. The tractor has separate rear wheel brakes and one of them began to bind up. I realized it was the same issue all over again, so with a little PB Blaster, it's working fine again. So this seems to be a design oversight, that the seal is not on the outside.

I have pulled cars from ditches including one case where my wife didn't realize the emergency brake was on! I've landscaped a 3/4 acre mess, brush hogged 2" trees, mowed up and down very steep hills, moved tons and tons of dirt, rock and gravel. I've terraced a significant hill where I dug out the basic shape, put in two 40' retaining walls and then back-filled. I've drilled 50 post holes in thick heavy clay. I've knocked trees over (put the bucket up high and press ahead) then hauled the firewood up steep hills. I've worked at awkward angles on steep slopes where I inadvertently lifted a wheel.

This baby ("Tim") was always stable and predictable, highly maneuverable, plenty of power, and always performed admirably.

Subject to dealer support being available to you, I highly recommend this brand as a bargain. I can't think of any functional reason to avoid it. I do not have a TYM dealer available nearby, although there are two in Oregon. However, before buying I talked to a nearby New Holland dealer who said they were happy to work on any non-Chinese tractor including TYM. So the one time I wanted routine service, and the one time I needed help, I called on that dealer.

In summary, it's a great machine other than my issues mentioned above. If you have a nearby dealer who can help you, or if you can do all of your own work, I would not hesitate to buy one.

P.S. I'm finally writing this up while I'm on vacation, but don't have photos with me. I'll post them when I get back.

Model year: 2010 Date Purchased: 05/15/2010 Number of Hours: 325
Pros: Value, Kubota engine, extensive features. Cons: Old Pimco FEL control, not a leading brand, Possibly dealer availability. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: United States Oregon I also considered buying:
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