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Dixie Chopper XCaliber Review

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DixieChopper is JUNK Posted by B Middleton on 04/22/2013

I purchased a New Dixie Chopper ZTR Excalibur 74 inch cut new in 2007. I have barely got 500 hours on the unit. My home has a 10 acre yard I mow with it.

I have had several mowers in my lifetime, the DIXIECHOPPER is by far the worst I have ever owned. I live out in the country 30 miles from the nearest town where a Dixie Chopper dealer WAS located, Sappington Outdoors in Jackson, Missouri. Sappington dropped DixieChopper as a dealer. Sappington's shop foreman told me it was because of their poor service.

The dealer I originally purchased the mower from was Mid America Outdoors, they too have went out of business. After purchasing the mower new from Mid America. I had to haul it back up to them 2 weeks later because of problems. The mechanic who was working on it at the time was aggravated that he was having to work on it and he told me, "These DixieChoppers are the worst mowers ever, I hate them".

I found another dealer in Charleston Missouri which is 50 miles one way from me. They gave me the same spill too, DIXIECHOPPER has poor service . They too have since went out of business.

Here is a SHORT list of the problems I have had with this mower.

#1. Excessive oil consumption (I could mower for 3 hours and have to put a half quart of oil back in it.

I complained and had to take it again to the dealer and received a letter from Parke Lucas, who was

at the time National Service Manager for Dixiechopper, his letter to me dated 7/30/2009 simply read,

and I quote, "According to Generac, one ounce of oil per hour is acceptable consumption".

#2. The mower deck would not hold its correct height, it kept slipping, finally after much back and

forth they replaced the manual with an electric.

#3. The front end had to completely be replaced after much back and forth.

#4. The Hydraulic pumps for both sides had to be replaced after much back and forth argruing.

#5. In the course of the 500 hours on the mower .. it has broken a number of belts...way over 20 belts.

#6. The governor on the engine would not allow the engine to keep a high enough RPM. I took the

mower to Mid America in Sikeston and they put a new governor in the engine. The replacement

of a governor is a major job . The entire engine has to be torn down. They could still not get the

engine to turn the correct RPM, and simply told me it was the best they could do. Now the

turn around 2600 while wide open and mowing. Dixie Chopper manual clearly states to mow

at no less than 3200 RPM.

#7. One of the bolts in the mower deck came loose destroying the bearing and lower spindle breaking

yet another belt.

#8. A month later, yet another bolt broken on deck along with tension spring, and another belt and

Idler pulley busted.

#9. The Throttle linkage have broken numerous times.

#10. At the last of the year last year, the Transmission deck belt broke 9 times, each time I mowed

I broke a belt and had to replace it.

Model year: 0 Date Purchased: 12/20/2007 Number of Hours: 535
Pros: None. Cons: Junk worthless mowers. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: United States Missouri I also considered buying:
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