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Ferris IS 2000Z Review

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Ferris IS2000Z 52/25 Posted by Steve Duncan on 10/18/2010

Incredible Machine! What more can I say?
Previous to this, I would spend easily 10 hours mowing all the "mow-able" ground around my home.

The first weekend after purchasing the Ferris, after completing all of the mowing, the hour meter registered 3.3 hours.

At least 50% of my ground is very bumpy to the point of real physical issues and would have remained that way, had I not had the beefy suspension that the Ferris boasts. Even then, I was a bit rattled. I have driven other non-suspension ZTRs and I know I would be in the chiropractor's office today! Still, I found myself having to slow down through quite a bit of the task. I believe I averaged around 4 mph on the bumpy stuff and close to 8 mph on the rest.

I never pushed it to its limits while the blades were running. Some of that was simply getting used to the machine and the rest - I suppose I just cant convince myself that it is truly OK to mow at extreme speeds!

The finish on the Ferris is impeccable. I find myself using the compressor and blowing it out after each jaunt into mowing paradise. My daughter told me yesterday that it "still looks new!" I took it as a complement.

The pieces and parts are all very tough as befitting a commercial machine. I actually got it hung up on a large metal pipe which I discovered buried in the deeper grass on the edge of my driveway. This thing was 2" across and 20 feet long (half of which was buried in the dirt).

Anyway, I got the front wheels over it before I noticed it. By this time, the pipe was past those wheels and popped up under the front of the frame between the wheels and the mower deck and was properly stuck! Being alone, I tried what I hope most guys would - get it off alone.

Now this is a 1200lb machine and my 200lb self didn't quite convince it to move, so I climbed back on and started to rock the mower trying to get the pipe back down and under the wheels. After about 10 minutes I succeeded, but not before several winces as I watched this pipe lovingly caress various parts of my mowers anatomy.

Embarrassed, I limped back home and hesitatingly got off to inspect the damage. Boy was I surprised - I found one small scratch! The rest was very minor and rubbed off.

Anyway, I have put this thing through its paces. I try to clear up any place before mowing to ensure I am not mulching sticks, rocks, golf balls, etc., but there are always a few which escape my notice. I have hit stuff, but so far the blades are in great shape - I check after each mow. I have not yet had to add oil, but check again before each mow. I plan to change it out at 10 hours - may be next spring at this point.

Other factors:

-The 25hp Kawasaki V-Twin is smooth and easy starting.

-The deck is easy to set and move as needed - although I have set it to 3.5" and haven't changed it yet except for transporting.

-It will go through deep grass (wet or dry) or a large pile of leaves (kindly left by my youngest) as easily as it takes on a normal mow.

Now, this is my first ZTR experience and certainly my first of a commercial caliber, but I feel that this is my final mower. I plan on willing it to my kids when I die - and they'd better take care of it!

The only mark I gave below 5 was on my dealer experience. I like the guy I dealt with, but because I got them to drop the price a bit, I feel like I was treated like a 2nd (or 3rd) class customer. I believe it was the owner instructing the sales guy rather than the sales guy himself, but I felt that was unwarranted.

Model year: 2010 Date Purchased: 08/20/2010 Number of Hours: 7
Pros: Pretty much everything. Cons: I will let you know if I find it. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: United States Missouri I also considered buying: Scag Wildcat
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