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Ford-New Holland 1715 Review

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Reclaiming a Worn-Out 1715 Posted by Eugene Stiefel on 06/03/2011

Well I bought this tractor a few months back, from a listing on "used tractors.com". Although the seller may have not intentionally misrepresented the condition of the tractor, it has sure turned out much different than I had expected.

I was told that the tractor was previously owned by a deceased elderly gentleman and was running when it was parked in a barn until the seller recently purchased it. Although I reviewed several photos before traveling 500 miles (one way), it didn't look like what I expected.

I had already made payment and went ahead and hauled it home. The unit had a Bush Hog Loader which had rust through the bucket, hoses warn out, and joystick missing parts.

The hydraulic filter had caught something and broke the cast housing it screws onto and damaging the suction line. The fuel cut-off valve was missing. The bell housing had collected water and the clutch plate had rusted stuck to the flywheel and throughout bearing frozen up. The thermostat housing had evidently frozen and cracked.

The muffler had broken loose from the lower pipe. The front apindal bearings and seals were worn out on the front wheel drive. The front universal joint was worn out along with the protective boot.

The seat was missing. The electrical harness was broken in several places making the safe-to-start circuit inoperable. The rear fenders were too light weight and had developed severe cracks which had to be welded. The radiator top support bracket was broken loose.

The water pump was worn out along with all belts and hoses. After my initial start up I discovered that a freeze plug had blown out in the top of the head and poured water and antifreeze into the crankcase.

Well now after several hundred dollars in parts and many hours of labor I have the tractor running again. Now it seems there is an excessive knocking either in the upper of lower part of the engine, not sure where yet. This project tractor is about to get the best of me.

Model year: 1997 Date Purchased: 10/18/2010 Number of Hours: 2300
Pros: I like the look of the tractor and the ground clearance. Cons: The sheet metal is too light guage for farm equipment. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: United States Alabama I also considered buying: Kubota B2320, Yanmar 2310D
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