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Scag Turf Tiger Review

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Scag Turf Tiger Posted by FIXENSCAGGER on 05/01/2013

52 advantage deck. Purchased in 2006, this unit performed flawlessly and reliably all around and would have scored 5 stars across the board until a year ago.

Purchased at a ticket price in excess of $7,000. This commercial unit was being used by homeowner me. I have no doubt that had I purchased it for commercial use, I would have made much more than $7,000 in the 6 years that it performed perfectly and would have, could have, traded it in and constantly kept it updated with the newest and the greatest that Scag has to offer.

Unfortunately, I purchased it from a different perspective. With approximately 11 acres to be mowed 2-3 times a month during the Floridian growing year, I wanted and expected that this unit would have given me years and years of service... at least 15 years to say the least... from a company such as Scag that boasts of its professionalism and pride to be "THE BEST" in the industry.

At the beginning of last season I was getting off my mower with some grass clippings on me from head to toe. By the end of the season, I appeared as though that I myself needed a mowing! This was because I was completely saturated in grass clippings. Speaking of camouflage! This was because my 52 Advantage deck had completely rusted through in 3 areas. Large gaping holes.

Now mind you, I won't lie, this unit has seen a lot of rain but never, never has it ever been put to rest before having been thoroughly washed down of clippings and blown dried... no differently than each my two Toro Proline walk behinds that each of my two sons have since inherited (which are at least 15 years old) and neither with anything more than very light surface rust!

Now I tried to contact Scag... no response! I was asking if my deck should have rotted through so badly and what was I doing wrong? As I have recently started asking different landscapers in my area... over 15 at least I have received that it is "general knowledge" that Scag decks rot through! At a price of about $2,200, it's a large chunk of change and I think Scag should own up!

And as of yesterday, as I put together a new deck using some parts from my trashed deck (a great savings to do it yourself). I have a new problem where it won't stay running after releasing the key from the "crank" position. Once again, no definitive answers!

Would I purchase another Scag? Mmmm! Had Scag gotten back to me, maybe. I think I'd tend to look toward Toro... but remember this: every company boasts they are the best. Personally, I am a firm believer in customer support. Any company can say and promise anything; and, you're going to find those who love their product and those who dislike their product. It all depends on what you expect, how long you've own that product, what problems you've had and how much and easy to repair them and how much of an inconvenience if any they've been!

Model year: 2006 Date Purchased: 07/22/2006 Number of Hours: 300
Pros: 6 years of "zero" problems and perfect reliability. Cons: Unexpected deck rot, zero customer support, extremely expensive parts/repair. Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: United States Florida I also considered buying: Toro Z Master G3
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