American Farmer to Feature Interseeder in Upcoming Series

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InterSeeder Technologies announced today that they will be featured in an upcoming episode of American Farmer, airing later this year on RFD-TV.

In this episode, American Farmer takes a look at the InterSeeder. Developed at the Penn State Agricultural Research Farm, the InterSeeder has been designed to sow cover crops in standing row crops while at the same time applying post emergent directed herbicides and fertilizer.

Audiences will learn about the InterSeeder’s ability to plant three rows of cover crop for each corn row, and how by having all these functions on one machine, it reduces the time, energy, and cost of planting cover crops in corn and potentially other row crops.

“InterSeeder Technologies offers innovative planting equipment to producers who wish to utilize cover crops on their land,” said Corey Dillon, President of InterSeeder Technologies. “Our patented technologies allow our end users to get a jump-start on planting cover crops earlier in the year rather than the traditional post-harvest planting date. The InterSeeder places the seed in the ground reducing the risk of broadcast applications. In addition, our multipurpose InterSeeder can be outfitted with a fertilizer and herbicide applicator. The InterSeeder can also be easily converted into a fully functioning no-till grain drill for increased use on the farm. A wide range of seeds can be planted from annual ryegrass to soybeans. The InterSeeder Team is very excited to be a part of the American Farmer Series and share our story with their audience.”

“The InterSeeder facilitates no-till relay planting and makes it possible for farmers to develop a soil cover years round,” said Kelly Fussell, producer for the American Farmer series. “This revolutionary equipment enables farmers to be environmentally responsible, and improve crop yields.”

About Interseeder Technologies:
InterSeeder Technologies has grown out of a research project at Penn State Universities College of Agriculture. The InterSeeder was tested over a four-year period by the university at several locations throughout the northeast. The success of the research project gathered significant interest from producers in the region who wanted to purchase their own unit. The outcome is the creation of InterSeeder Technologies who acquired an exclusive license agreement from Penn State University Research Foundation on the patented technology. InterSeeder Technologies is a startup, small business located in central Pennsylvania with a strong focus on the customer or end user. We offer several sizes of the InterSeeder to our customers as well as expertise in all the agronomic aspects of interseeding cover crops. For more information, visit: or contact Corey Dillon @ 814-404-0684 or interseeder.corey(AT)

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