New LEXION Combine Technology Automates Threshing and Cleaning

CLAAS CombineCLAAS of America, a leader in harvesting technology, is now offering its CEMOS AUTOMATIC settings optimization system for corn and soybean producers. Previously a popular option on their LEXION combines available only for small grain producers, the new system now improves harvesting efficiency in corn and soybeans as well.

“CLAAS is the only combine manufacturer to offer this game-changing technology,” said Jeff Gray, CLAAS of America Product Coordinator. “CEMOS AUTOMATIC makes operating and adjusting the settings on the LEXION combine exponentially easier – even for inexperienced operators. The system automatically senses changing harvest conditions and continuously adjusts the separation and cleaning settings on the LEXION combine to maximize performance.”

With a push of a button, the operator can activate CEMOS AUTOMATIC. The machine then adjusts five key system settings automatically: rotor speed, rotor covers, fan speed, upper- and lower-sieve positions. The rotor speed and the rotor cover positions are automatically adjusted to optimize grain separation. The fan speed, the upper- and lower-sieve positions receive on-the-fly adjustments to maintain the cleanest grain sample.

Operators are offered the choice of four pre-programmed optimization strategies including maximum throughput, grain cleanliness, fuel economy and a combination of all three. These different harvest strategies offer maximum flexibility for the operator along with heightened efficiency and overall reduced harvesting costs.

“Many LEXION operators who have used CEMOS AUTOMATIC in small grains exceeded their return on investment in their very first harvest,” said Gray. “We expect our corn and soybean producers to see similar results.”

Along with the addition of CEMOS AUTOMATIC for corn and soybean producers, the latest LEXION models will be available with new TURBO CHOP features as well as a new “Special Cut” chopper.

New TURBO CHOP features include a larger diameter drum that provides more reliable and efficient use of power, on-the-fly spread width control, hydraulic tailboard positioning and lever operated stationary knife and friction plate engagement.  The TURBO CHOP will offer spreading up to 45 ft.

The “Special Cut”, chopper will be available for 2016 LEXION combines and features easy-to-use, lever operated functions like high-low speed range, stationary knives and spread width adjustment.  The Special Cut chopper will spread up to 35 ft.

To learn more about CEMOS AUTOMATIC and other Efficient Agriculture SYstems (EASY) solutions on the new LEXION visit or contact your local dealer.

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