Bad Boy Introduces the GroundHog Max ATV Plow

The new GroundHog Max by Bad Boy.

Bad Boy Mowers, one of the nation’s most respected manufacturers of zero-turn lawn mowers, is moving into the agricultural and ATV implement market.  They recently introduced a new ATV disc plow that lives up to the name and quality of Bad Boy Mower products: The GroundHog MAX by Bad Boy.  This product promises to save you time, gas, and money.

The GroundHog MAX by Bad Boy ATV disc plow brings a unique new design to the ATV implement marketplace.  The design uses the weight of the ATV and driver to achieve the downward pressure that creates its aggressive cut.  In most cases this direct down-pressure is 800 or more pounds.  It is ideal for game food plots, gardening, landscaping and smaller farming chores like maintaining firebreaks for fire defense, horse rings, and weed control.  The GroundHog MAX by Bad Boy is a rugged, go-anywhere tool. This ATV disc plow is half as wide as a traditional pull-behind yet twice as fast.  If an ATV can get there you can plow there: soggy bottomland (think duck holes) to rocky hillsides and soil type in between The GroundHog MAX by Bad Boy can handle them all.  Just imagine the possibilities.

As mentioned above the GroundHog MAX by Bad Boy is ideal for the homeowner’s fire defense program.  It is an inexpensive tool to use for fire fuel management.  Fire fuel management is the key to wildfire defense around the home according to the Task Force on Western Wild land fires.  With the GroundHog MAX by Bad Boy and a four-wheeler or side-by-side a sound firebreak is easily maintained at minimal expense.

Ideal for game food plots, gardening, landscaping and smaller farming chores.

The GroundHog MAX by Bad Boy is fully assembled, easy to transport, maneuverable, easy to store, very durable, and basically maintenance free.  For maneuverability, on most ATV’s you can use reverse with the plow engaged.  The GroundHog MAX by Bad Boy is a one-person operation.  There’s no need for pulling a trailer or having someone to help get it to your remote site.  This product is designed to be compact and easy to use while still living up to the demanding expectations of hunters, outdoorsmen and farmers.  Their slogan, “Food Plots made Easy” sure appears to be appropriate.

The GroundHog Max comes complete with a hitch upgrade kit (included in the box) that allows you to strengthen your existing utility hole.  If you have a strong 2-inch receiver already it is just “ plug and plow”.  For more information go to or

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