Clamp-On Tooth Bar

Are you looking for a tooth bar for your tractor or skid-steer but don’t want to drill holes in your bucket? Then the Clamp-on Tooth Bar by IAM Manufacturing might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a standard tooth bar that comes in multiple sizes to fit your bucket.

About the Clamp-on Tooth Bar

We think this is a great product. While most tractor owners either have a tooth bar on their bucket or they don’t, there are definitely some advantages to not having the tooth bar on (like making a nice smooth grade with your bucket as a backfilling edge). This product is good for those users who don’t want to drill into their bucket or mess around with a welder (sorry if we sound out of touch with that comment, but many homeowners don’t own welding gear).

Clamp-On Tooth Bar

Features and Benefits

  • Fits most buckets sized 4′-6′
  • Underside support gives strength
  • Bolt-on replaceable teeth
  • Compatible with tractor and skid-steer buckets
  • Comes with extra replaceable bucket teeth
  • Install or remove the clamp-on tooth bar in just minutes
  • No drilling, cutting, or welding necessary for installation

Who Makes the Clamp-on Tooth Bar?

This clamp-on tooth bar is made by IAM Manufacturing, a Colorado-based attachment company that makes a large selection of bucket attachments, specifically clamp-on pallet forks, spears, etc. They’ve been around for a while and are considered one of the more popular manufacturers in this space.

Clamp-On Tooth Bar Price

Prices start at $239 for the smallest size and go up from there. That’s a pretty reasonable price so we’d say the clamp-on tooth bar is overall a good value. Most tooth bars start in the $200-$300 range so this is right there in terms of pricing so you’re not paying a huge premium for the clamp-on feature.


Where to Buy

You can buy the Clamp-On Tooth Bar from


  • I have had one of these bars for almost two years. It does everything it should and I like the idea that I can take it off the bucket and install a debris rake or other attachment. I did bend mine because I did not get it installed all the way on the bucket. I contacted the maker asking for ideas to straighten it and they shipped me a new on free of charge. I can’t complain about that customer service.

  • I bought one a while back for a JD 650 and it will also fit on my Ford 4610S seems to work great just remember to TIGHTEN the hold down nuts or you will leave it in the pile of dirt you are digging into. Well made and worth the $$ IMHO

  • Best addition since sliced bread.
    Made my own for about $80 but then I weld and had scrap metal on hand.
    Never take mine off.

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