13 Great Tractor Add-Ons

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Don’t you wish you could tilt your box scraper like this? With a top-n-tilt kit, you can! By adding specific hydraulic valves to your 3-point hitch, you can adjust the top and tilt angles of your 3-point hitch. This feature will add a lot of functionality to your everyday attachments like scrapers and blades. Uses include digging out trenches and spreading material at an angle.

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  • I would be a buyer if anyone can connect me with a shop that has made these. Bonus points if they have made any for a Massey GC series tractor.

  • Best investment made on my little Kuboto B7500 front end bucket.

  • Great ideals and pictures, but we need to know where to purchase the equipment.

    thanks trex

  • Here’s one I haven’t seen mentioned:

    Mount an automotive back up camera to your bucket top lip or frame above bucket with a 7″ screen mounted on cowl behind steering wheel! Works great and allows you to see where your bucket actually is and has built in distance gradients. Whole step cost me $50.00.

  • Scott65 in West Texas, how did you add the BH on your Kubota? I own a B2620 HST and thinking of adding a BH.

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