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Anybody who has been out on a tractor removing snow during a blizzard or when the wind is blowing wishes they had a cab on their tractor. Not even one of those fancy manufacturer cabs either—just anything! Cabs are great in the summer, but for frequent winter operators, it becomes more of a safety feature and in some climates, a necessity.

Factory cabs are great, and manufacturers keeps stepping up their game when it comes to the features and comfort level of cabs found on compact tractors. But if your budget is tight, an aftermarket option is a good route to go. If your budget is REALLY tight and you want to put a cab together on your own, you might want to check out what some of our members have come up with. Granted, not all of these cabs are low budget, but they are all home-made, which we think is pretty great. Hopefully this will provide some inspiration for your next project.

Better Than OEM?

If you did a double-take on this one, you’re not alone. Member Pat C in Canada created this OEM-look can for his Kubota Garden Tractor and even added a decal. Wouldn’t know this one is OEM even if you saw it built… which you can see here.

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  • I liked it very much, I own two tractors. They both are craftsman tractors, one is a 17HP used for mulching the grass in the summer. The other is a 27HP & has a 46″ Snow Blower on the front,it’s a 2 stage. This is the tractor I want to put a cab on, if I can find a cab kit to install, or plans so, I can build one for it. I am a three time Vietnam Veteran, from the regular Navy. I am disabled & retired Auto Technician. I have a very rare Blood disease, one-in-a-million get, it is fatal, it is cancerous, it is incurable & I am dying of it. When I use my 27HP, for snow removable, I just about freeze to death, when the wind blows the snow back on me. My job of removing snow would be a lot easier, if I was warmer & had wipers to see where I am going & lights as well. I probably won’t find a company that sells a kit to install a cab because, I’ll probably be dead by then. This disease I have is tiring me out. Thank you for your company. I have one other problem that is, after I bought my smaller tractor the 17HP, I’m having a lot of trouble trying to find mulching blades for my 42″ deck, every where I’ve looked for them including Tractor Supply, no body carries them any more, not even the universal ones fit either. I really wished I had bought a better tractor, or a Bobcat skid steer but it’s to late for that.

  • Hi David C. Sanborn. Thanks for sharing so openly about your blood disease. I really admire you for your honesty. Though your body may be sick, I sense a healthy attitude toward your situation. I find it interesting that you are thinking about dying and getting a cab for your tractor in the same breath. I’m glad you are still able, at times, to focus your attention on less important things like blowing snow. I’m a missionary in Manila, Philippines where it never gets any colder than 70 degrees. So why in the world am I looking at an article about tractor cabs? Well I guess it reminds me of growing up pushing snow on a Sears tractor in Ohio. But much more importantly it brought me to your comment and the opportunity to pray to the designer of each snow flake and blood cell on your behalf. Hang in there friend.

  • I have a JD 4210 with back home.

    I would like info on aftermarket cabs.

    Thank you

  • I have john deere 4310 with over head you make any thing for that.

  • dave ,try getting a 44 in blade and cut an inch off each end. a small hand grinder with the 4.5 in disc .045in thick will do the trick. sorry to hear about your illness. thanks for your service.

  • David, check out Sears for an enclosure if you are looking for an inexpensive solution. $300 for a simple soft enclosure. If you want hard sides, prices go up quick. Sorry to hear about your illness and I hope that you are afforded plenty of time to enjoy a few seasons in a cabbed tractor.

  • RE: David C. Sanborn

    I have a soft cab on a 27 HP Sears Since 2012
    LOVE IT 44″ cab
    This year some of the is letting go but not bad for 6 years
    on a bright sunny day it seems Quite warm in cloudy darl days/night I wear a down car coat snowmobile/ski pants and wool gloves an I am confortable Bercomac makes the cabs for Sears
    You can buy from their dealers or sears I have the power lift&power chute love them in my case I have found the chute rotation motor seems to be frozen up when I next use it but 3 minutes with a hairdryer gets it going (dosn’t seem to freeze up while working)
    Goodluck with your health problems and warm blowing
    William Smith

  • Are there any plans for the cab Grant McDonald built for his John Deere?

  • Come late winter on a bright sunny day, they’ll find him inside fried to a crisp like a chicken in a rotisserie! Those cabs can really heat up but this one may be excessive.

  • The main issue I see with home-made cabs is, tractors sold without an OEM cab are probably not going to have AC or Heat. In North Carolina this would be tolerable in the winter, but certainly not the summer!

  • those look great im not a dreamer but if i see one i can duplicate it, trying to fit a plastic roof off of a golf cart onto my mahindra max 26xl has anybody got any pictures

  • Great job to all who have worked hard to build their hard cabs. So much better inside if you plow or blow snow. Soft cabs are good too. Anything to keep that bitter snow off yourself. I had a” cover my tractor” soft cab on a B21, Blizzard 64 rear mount SB. I have since upgraded to a Grand L4240 HSTC, Pronovost P-720 and a HLA pusher with back drag.Let it snow.

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