The Most Useful Tractor Add-Ons

By TBN April 29, 2019 20:44

The Most Useful Tractor Add-Ons

Most compact tractor owners customize their machine in one way or another. Whether it’s a full home-built accessory or simply bolting on something to help save time, there are many ways a tractor can be improved with add-ons. In this article we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the most useful tractor add-ons, according to TractorByNet member opinions:

Tool Box

Gotta have this one. A place to put some tools, gloves, etc.

Cost: Anywhere from $15 for an ammo can, up to $150 for a big beefy tool box. Plus mounting brackets.

Where to buy: Surplus Center, eBay, Amazon, Harbor Freight Tools, Northern Tool, Tractor Supply, Rural King, etc.

Tooth Bar

This is a very popular add-on because it allows you to get extra cutting and ripping power out of your loader bucket.

Cost: $200 and up depending on the size.

Where to buy: Local dealer, eBay, Everything Attachments. Clamp-on tooth bars from

4-in-1 Bucket

Instantly turns your loader into a pusher, grabber, grapple, back-filler, and more. High on the wish list of every tractor owner.

Cost: $1,500 and up, depending on the size and quality. You might also need extra hydraulic remotes.

Where to buy: Local dealer, Everything Attachments, Attachment Resource

Bucket Hooks

If you ever need to chain something to your loader, you need a hook. So this is basically a must-have for most owners. Most bucket hooks are welded on, but these are bolt-on and require no welding.

Cost: $40 each and up

Where to buy: Ken’s Bolt On Hooks

Work Lights

Front and/or rear-mount work lights are an absolute necessity when you work in the dark. There are lots of options these days for high-powered LED lights to illuminate your work site.

Cost: $25 and up

Where to buy: Amazon, eBay, Super Bright LEDs, TowMart


Protection from the sun and rain year-round makes the add-on a popular and useful one for many tractor owners.

Cost: $500 and up

Where to buy: CoverMyTractor

Soft Cab

If you like the open station platform, but also want some protection during the cold, then a soft cab is going to be a great add-on for the winter months. These cabs are pretty reasonably priced and come in colors to match your tractor.

Cost: $1,200 and up

Where to buy: CoverMyTractor

Hydraulic Top Link

Especially in conjunction with a quick hitch, a hydraulic top link can save a lot of time.

Cost: $150 and up

Where to buy: Local dealer, Amazon, eBay, Tractor Supply, Agri Supply, Rural King, Northern Tool, Surplus Center, etc.

Top-N-Tilt Kit

If you do a lot of blade or box scraper work, this is a very useful add-on to extend the capabilities of your 3-point-hitch implements.

Cost: $400 and up, may also need to add hydraulic remotes

Where to buy: Local dealer, Amazon, eBay, Tractor Supply, Agri Supply, Rural King, Northern Tool, Surplus Center, etc.

Bucket Forks

If you ever need to move pallets, a set of forks is a must. So if you aren’t moving pallets all the time, a clamp-on set probably makes the most sense from a cost standpoint.

Cost: $200 and up

Where to buy: Local dealer, Amazon, eBay, Tractor Supply, Agri Supply, Rural King, etc. Almost everybody sells these. Some owners build their own as well.

Rear View Mirror

Many uses for this one, especially if you tow or mow! We’ve heard that Jeep Wrangler Mirrors are a good starting point as they come in many sizes, mounts, and are reasonably priced.

Cost: $30 and up

Where to buy: Amazon, eBay, etc.

Quick Hitch

Most owners have some sort of quick hitch because they save a lot of time and can save you from busted knuckles too.

Cost: $100 and up

Where to buy: TractorByNet, ATI, Speeco, Everything Attachments, Attachment Resource.

Loader Quick-Attach

If you change from a bucket to a grapple, or other FEL attachment, then a loader quick-attach is going to be a very useful add-on.

Cost: $750 and up

Where to buy: Local dealer, Attachment Resource, Everything Attachments

Additional Hydraulic Remotes

This add-on might be more like a necessity than useful if you’re running implements that require additional hydraulic remotes. But we’ll add it to the list because it gives you the option to run even more useful implements.

Cost: $500 and up

Where to buy: Local dealer, or get parts from online sources like Surplus Center or DiscountHydraulicHose

Hand Tool Mounts

Having a place to mount a small shovel, chain saw, or other frequently used hand or power tools is a great add-on.

Cost: $5-$2,000

Where to buy: Most of these are custom. Or go all out with the BigToolRack.

Backhoe Thumb

If you have a backhoe, a mechanical thumb is a very useful for pinching unwieldy loads (think brush or trash). If you’re looking for a pro setup, a hydraulic thumb takes things to the next level.

Cost: $200 and up (mechanical), or $1,000 and up (hydraulic).

Where to buy: Local dealer, Everything Attachments

Bucket Grapple

Picking up all sorts of odd loads becomes much easier with a bucket grapple. You can add them to your existing bucket like this one.

Cost: $800 and up for an on-bucket grapple, or $1,200 and up for an entire grapple bucket.

Where to buy: Local dealer, Bucket Soulutions, Everything Attachments, and a host of other places that sell attachments.

Cup Holder

A lot of newer tractors have these built-in but if not, it’s a great add-on to keep your coffee or drink close by.

Cost: Cheap

Where to buy: You’re on your own with this one. Everybody’s preference is different and almost all of these are custom.

Side Step

If your tractor doesn’t have a side step, adding one can be useful for getting on and off.

Cost: $50-$100 in parts.

Where to buy: Online sources like Amazon or in store at Tractor Supply Company, Rural King, etc. Or get OEM models from your dealer.

Steering Wheel Spinner

A steering wheel spinner makes turning the wheel a breeze and gives a lot of control. Word of caution: If your steering wheel spins freely on rough terrain, keep your fingers clear!

Cost: $10 and up

Where to buy: Amazon, eBay, auto parts stores, Tractor Supply Company, Rural King, etc.

Receiver Hitch

If you ever move trailers around, you can mount a receiver hitch to your loader bucket, or on a rear-mount hitch.

Cost: $75-$150 for a clamp-on model

Where to buy: Clamp-on models from Amazon or Bucket Solutions

Fire Extinguisher

If you need it, you need it! Mounting a small fire extinguisher is not a bad idea.

Cost: $40 and up

Where to buy: Home Depot, Amazon, Tractor Supply, Harbor Freight Tools, etc.

Tire Chains

This photo should explain the non-snow applications where tire chains can be useful.

Cost: $200 and up

Where to buy: Local dealer, Tire Chains “R” Us  Ken Jones Tire

Floor Mats

Add some grip if your tractor doesn’t have a rubber floor mat already.

Cost: $10-$50 in materials

Where to buy: The mats pictured above are cut from a stall mat from Tractor Supply Company, mounted with some elevator bolts, fender washers, and nuts. Other users report using spray-on bed liner for a more permanent solution.

Pin Hook

Adding a hook to hang pins when changing implements.

Cost: A couple bucks

Where to buy: Hardware store

Got something to add? Comment below!

By TBN April 29, 2019 20:44
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  1. Bob April 30, 12:32

    We need a good way to quickly hold the top link when changing implements.

  2. jk April 30, 13:54

    I have one of these; unbelievably useful

  3. garc April 30, 14:14

    4N1 bucket is not on the list ? ? ?
    This doubles the usefulness of any tractor !

  4. ervinsmith1024 April 30, 14:51

    I would like to add a hydraulic top link to my old ford tractor. 1966 ford 5000. I have to add hydraullics to it first, or at the same time. But something after market, since the tractor is so old, parts are unlikely available to add hydraulics and the top link.
    Any suggestions on how to start this build?

  5. Bandito April 30, 15:13

    Manufacturers and price

  6. Raymond April 30, 15:33

    Great article but I wish you had provided links on where to get these add ons.

  7. Steve April 30, 15:42

    I have a lot of the add on’s plus a home made sun shade for here in New Mexico. I just added a tool box.

  8. Chris Melville April 30, 17:50

    Does anyone make forklift times to fit on a Kubota bucket? I have an04 Kubota L3130 with split bucket and have a need for forklift blades 4tth time now, and the only Company that I see that makes what I need is Titan.
    They make an adaptable forklift blade that has wrap around chains and T handle tightening clamps that will convert your bucket to a forklift

  9. Beo April 30, 17:54

    Is there any sickelbar or sidecutter for a Kunitz 2320

  10. Skenny April 30, 19:01

    Gun rack?

  11. Gordo April 30, 23:27

    NO, a 4n1 bucket is NOT on the list!!!

  12. van ottey May 1, 14:37

    I’ve got most of these. Time savers.

  13. THUMSUP May 1, 19:28


  14. LearnedMyLesson May 2, 11:25

    One of the first things I got was a set of bucket forks for my Mahindra Max 25, bent the you know what out of the edge of the bucket just trying to move a stack of pallets. If you get something like this, make sure your bucket is thick enough or use some kind of plate on the inside to hold your bucket’s edge true. We’ve gone to 2 local steel plants (one literally down the road from us)…nothing you can do except buy a new bucket once it’s bent out even a little bit.

  15. Casey6404 May 4, 19:23

    I have the bucket forks like the ones pictured and honestly, they are worthless. They don’t clamp down well enough to not move back and forth when picking up all but small loads. I’ve had them to actually fall off while trying to get under a log or pallet. They are more of a headache than anything. Save your money and go with an actual fork attachment. You’ll thank me.

  16. FAS May 9, 05:14

    Has anyone tried fitting a Kubota 6A700-51350 step kit to a Kubota B2110 or B2410? This kit is only supposed to fit B2630, B2650, B3030B, B3200, B3300 & B3350. Thanks.

  17. Brig May 10, 19:29

    Found good forks at Chain and shackle go around bucket to hold them in place. I use them for barrel lift and pallets.

  18. lpmayhall August 4, 19:33

    The limb zapper is a good add-on for clearing edge of property, sides of roads, around lakes, hunting lanes, fire lanes, and pretty much any type clearing project. Its quicker and easier than hand tools and safer also… has different means of attaching to your implement. Whether to existing bucket or can be adapted for quick attach plates. Go to YouTube and search limb zapper to see some videos…

  19. HAR April 30, 15:45

    I am surprised both front/rear counter balance weights/boxes were not listed, as well as 3PH receiver/tow points.

  20. piloon July 27, 20:08

    To support my upper 3 point arm I added 2 eye bolts and use a rubber bungee cord. Works 4 me.

  21. Doug July 28, 09:23

    When purchasing bucket forks, be sure and get the ones with a telescopic cross member. It allows you to adjust the width of forks and holds your forks parallel and also causes them to work together rather than independently. An additional plate (even like 4″ X 4″) welded to the bucket to spread the footprint of the screw-downs is very helpful in keeping the forks from bending the bucket bottom. I love mine.

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