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5.00 star(s)

L2350 Kubota
kibota L2350 4WD
Model Year: 1998

Purchased tractor with approx 300 hrs. Only real issue was a blown in-line fuse that didn't look like a inline fuse so I had trouble recogizing it. $4 later I'm back in seat. Has turf tires which are great mowing and sufficient in 4 wd for box blading gravel road

Pros: dealer support online support resale value
Cons: none to mention

5.00 star(s)

L2350 Kubota
Model Year: 1992

I have had tractor for 18 years and it has been good basic tractor, with la450s loader. Sometimes I've wished I had hydraulic drive, but for my needs, at the time of purchase, it was hard to justify extra $3,000 dollars. Anyone considering purchase of a used gear drive tractor, pay attention to the clutch. Due to the lack of grease points I have split my tractor to make repairs to frozen clutch shaft.

Pros: Kubota dependable.
Cons: Lack of grease points.

5.00 star(s)

L2350 Kubota
Kubota 4x4 Tractor
Model Year: 1996

This tractor is like a bull dozer. It is strong and does more than I would ever imagine. Highly recommend it.

Pros: Good price.
Cons: Need a bigger one now.

5.00 star(s)

L2350 Kubota
Bucket List
Model Year: 1992

I'm sure all of you have a bucket list. A real tractor was at the head of mine. So when retirement came.... Had a deal for a new Kubota L2800 HST w/FEL through a friendly local dealer and at a discounted price with free factory financing. It fell through because Kubota would not accept my homeowners insurance. Reason? Because the policy did not specifically state that I could drive on county roads and still be insured. I explained that I had an automobile and did not need or ever would drive on county roads. Told my sales guy that this was crazy and that it was a dealbreaker, but he could do nothing. Then I saw a older, L2350DT with FEL, 281 hours, new tires (filled) and a 60" Field General mower, for one half of the new cost, on Craigslist. It was used to pull a firewood trailer. The seller would include delivery to the ferry terminal in Anacortes, WA (my place is on an island), with a full tank of fuel. I was concerned that 23.5 hp would not be enough. Was I wrong. What a powerhouse. So I am in the automobile ferry line with tons of guys looking at this beautiful machine and asking a $1,000 questions. Had to wipe the machine down afterward because of the drool. One problem that I've had is that the top of the bucket has a chain hook welded in the center, but with no reinforcement. So, any amount of pulling or pressure will bend the bucket top. The repair/modification was easy: I found a piece of 2" square steel tubing, 1/4" wall that spans the full width of the bucket and bolted it at each end with backing to support each bolt. With primer and Kubota paint, it looks "factory". The only other issue is the screw valve that modulates the raising of the hitch is too abrupt, even when the valve is closed. Anyone with a suggestion? Performance wise, it runs the 5' mower easily, skids fallen timber with no problems, drills 12" post holes, and runs a 5" chipper without bogging.

Pros: Where do I start?
Cons: None.

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)

L2350 Kubota
Model Year: 1995

This little tractor is a true workhorse.

Pros: Very strong.
Cons: None.

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

L2350 Kubota
Does It All: 4-Wheel Drive Tractor Loader Backhoe
Model Year: 1995

My wife and I needed to replace our shovel and wheel barrel for the usual getting older reasons. Spend 10K and only needed perform general maintenance (which is easy enough) and occasional maybe one or less hydro hose a year. Always starts, does everything we ask as well as the neighbors. Done foundations, ditches, layed pipe, tree roots, pick up everything including reaching the backhoe into basement to yank out a very heavy water heater. Going to put a rear PTO 5' snowblower (Cheap! Cost me $250.00!) on this winter. Loader and 4 wheel drive is great for snow with turf tires. We get WAY more use out of this than we thought we would. Wifey always has a big smile when she says "time for the Kubota"---she informs me that she wants to be taught how to use it now---that's cool too. Sometimes I think I want a smaller tractor for tighter areas until I need the size and power. An occasional tree root may sometimes have me wanting bigger so I must be in the sweet spot cause I get everything done just fine. If I do decide to sell it, apparently I can sell the whole setup for more than I paid---wish that was the same way with cars!

Pros: Plenty of power---feels more that 25 hp.
Cons: Sometimes I'd like a hydro-static but not a big deal.

5.00 star(s)

L2350 Kubota
My L2350
Model Year: 1997

I have found this to be a great workhorse for various jobs with enough power and great fuel economy. The only complaint I have is with the steering wheel seals.

Pros: Fuel economy, dependability
Cons: Steering column seals

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