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5.00 star(s)

BOOMER3045 New Holland
Happy with Blue
Model Year: 2010

Great tractor, plenty of power, excellent controls, well thought out ergonomics and comforts. It replaced a JD open station 870 and it is a huge step up in user comfort.

Pros: Power, reliable, comfort.
Cons: None.

4.00 star(s)

BOOMER3045 New Holland
2010 New Holland Boomer 3045
Model Year: 2010

No major problems except brakes are not very good.

Pros: Enclosed cab.
Cons: Brakes.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMER3045 New Holland
New Holland 3045
Model Year: 2011

The creature comforts such as the radio, air conditioning, cruise control, and seat are wonderful. The continuously variable transmission does take some getting used to before feeling really comfortable operating it. The transmission works really well but it is really different than selecting a gear and letting out the clutch. I find having to pull on the handbrake to prevent the alarm from sounding whenever I leave the seat very annoying. Likewise, I find the engine kill switch in the seat annoying as sometimes one would like to be able to lean forward for a better view of the loader. As soon a your rear end leaves the seat the engine quits. The 4-wheel drive switch is in a location where it often gets changed when entering or exiting the cab. The bucket on the loader is made of lighter gauge steel than my previous 1989 Ford and consequently the lip of the bucket is bent and will have to be strengthened with additional steel. That is enough venting about all the minor problems---as you can see above I really like the tractor as I gave it all 5 star ratings.

Pros: In review above.
Cons: In review above.

3.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BOOMER3045 New Holland
Model Year: 2013

Problems all over. The plastic fenders are cracked the hood cracked and it all happened within 2 weeks.the tractor uses toggle screw bolts to hold on a lot of the other parts and they just spin, so you can't tighten bolts up. Automatic transmission does not want to go in if you shift from high to low. Too many problems. Dealer hates to see me walk in the door. Next time it will be an orange tractor in the barn.

Pros: Good heater and air.
Cons: Plastic junk. Need to go back to all steel.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMER3045 New Holland
Fantastic Tractor for the Money
Model Year: 2014

Yes, it took a couple days to get use to no clutch but now this is great especially for a older person. This baby has so many creature comforts that you can get to the point of just having to steer and the tractor does the rest. When plowing the snow you can set the throttle and then get your forward movement set with the pedal and then hit the cruise control button and then just steer. The seat swivels 20 degrees and since you don't have to put you foot on a pedal it makes it easy to backup with a blower. Also if you have to plow or blow early in the morning this tractor has so many bring lights that you need to turn them off for traffic and it also had mirrors all over. The one down side is the heater is really good so I have to strip to keep from getting too hot. I consider that a terrible problem! Not... and I put in a stereo with blue tooth so I can answer my phone when needed. It just can't get any better. I have owned all three color tractors and this is by far the best for the money.. This tractor is a upgrade from my TC35.

Pros: This tractor is great from top to bottom.
Cons: None yet.

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