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T2320 New Holland
NH 2320 Gear
Model Year: 2008

I was looking for a Kubota when I saw an ad at Purdy Tractor in Hillsdale Mi for a 50 Hp NH, so I drove down to take a look. They had the same tractor but in a 45 hp, with a loader, loaded tires, quick change bucket with forks that fit the bill. I dealt with Owen Caulderwood, and was pleased that he did not blow smoke up my dress, just gave me the facts and my options. Great salesman if you don't like salesmen. I bought the tractor for $20,600 plus tax, 0% for 72 months, so I am very happy with my purchase. That is what I was quoted locally for a L2800, and the NH has a lot more capability. I don't have a lot of time on it yet, but I did own part of a paving company for years and have spent a lot of time on equipment, and I like everything about the 2320 so far. I prefer a gear model myself, and all is well on that front, it is an easy tractor to operate, in fact I have a hard time getting my wife off of it so I can play. I bought it for cleanup on some property we bought and to use for cleanup/unloading on my job sites. I used the forks to move some machinery, the largest being a 2100# planer which is 100#'s over its capacity. I was a little nervous as the planer costs $13K, but it handled it with ease. I'm happy with my purchase.

Pros: Great value, Nice color,[I hate orange] lots of lift capasity [2000#], flat floor
Cons: Shifters a little vague, Wish I had sprung for rear remote.

5.00 star(s)

T2320 New Holland
Tilt Steering Problem
Model Year: 2009

This NH T2320 has been a great tractor for almost 6 years, but last summer the tilt steering wheel quit staying in whatever position I placed it. It now just moves freely up and down. I have looked at it briefly but cannot figure out how

Pros: Very comfortable to drive and use
Cons: Tilt steering wheel will not stay in position

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