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T2420 New Holland
Wish I Hadn't Bought It
Model Year: 2010

All in all not a well thought out design. The three point geometry on this tractor is way off, it's like the designers only saw the tractor on paper. Hydraulic remote ports are in a hard place to use and their position makes it very difficult to remove the top link pin. Engine has just all the sudden shut down on it's own several times but at least started right back up. Fuel tank is too small, only good for about 4 hours of hard work. Toolbox is a joke, about 3" wide. I guess this is a problem with most modern tractors, everything plastic. Not like the old JD I traded in where you could walk on the hood without breaking it. Would have kept the JD except that it was 2WD, needed a new clutch and used two quarts of oil an hour. But what do you expect after 17k hours?

Pros: 4wd, starts easy, plenty of power.
Cons: Plastic, poor design.

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