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TC34DA New Holland
Model Year: 2004

Radiator air flow is blocked very easily. Must constantly monitor. Brake light indicator on dash stays on. Hydraulic line at the radiator broke. Air filter case broke $500 to buy updated conversion parts. Grease zerks wont take grease. Belly mower deck wheels stick. V belt for mower belt is $120.

Pros: .
Cons: Lots of repairs.

5.00 star(s)

TC34DA New Holland
Model Year: 2009

This has been a brilliant little tractor. Very well built completely reliable. Has a Japanese 3 cylinder engine which is very gutsy. I have used equipment originally designed for cat 2 without any difficulty. The automatic gear box is excellent. There are then 3 speeds to select. Have never had any problems.

Pros: Generally excellent.
Cons: Only one wing mirror would suggest having the other side fitted and also a spot lamp for the back.

5.00 star(s)
Norcal M5

TC34DA New Holland
If Your Farm is Steep, Read This Before Buying This Tractor
Model Year: 0

This tractor, TC34DA with HST and super steer gets the job done and has the power to farm our incredibly steep vineyard toting a large sprayer, powering a rototiller or moving dirt around. HOWEVER, if you do want a tractor for steep sites, I won't recommend this one. If it is not locked into all wheel drive, the front wheels don't help with braking and the tractor can run away on steep hills, as the rears will barely slow it down. I learned this "on the job" and got very lucky. A couple of times afterward, I forgot to lock it in and fortunately was able to do so on the fly. Next, on uneven ground, if a wheel comes off the ground for a moment, the HST goes free wheel on all four until the wheels are all on the ground again. This creates a brief moment on acceleration if on steep terrain and some real pucker moments. I stay pretty calm through these now, but never like it. The super steer option is not worthy of the name. I can turn the wheels very far over, but the tractor will just push them sideways through the dirt and go straight forward. It also makes some nasty crunching sounds when you turn them pretty far too, so I avoid it, turning them about the same angle as what I suspect normal tractors allow. On the upside, I have to say it's the best looking tractor out there and to me, looks like art compared to other tractors. The color hasn't faded, and it's looking solid and quite new still. I've pampered it with some cool wheels and ag tires to widen the track to help prevent rollover and get great grip.

Pros: Good looking, tough, powerful, reliable.
Cons: Possibility of runaway on steep hills, supersteer doesn't really work.

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