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Big Vic

TC40DA New Holland
Mid Life Toy
Model Year: 2006

I love my tractor. I have a 122 acre farm with about only 30 acres of grass. The rest is woods with four wheeler trails. Mowing this property and riding around on my tractor is my stress relief. I love using my front end loader and my 6 foot bush hog does great. I think this is a perfect size tractor. The hours are low because I don't get to use it near as often as I want to. My wife says that my tractor was my midlife crises toy. Personally I think every man should have his own little piece of land and a tractor. I enjoy reading about all you other guys and your tractors and have learned a lot so far about care and maintenance of my tractor. This is my first time joining a forum and look forward to contributing if I can. Enjoy your tractors guys.

Pros: Powerful, comfortable, good looking, paid for.
Cons: No cons so far. I love it.

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5.00 star(s)

TC40DA New Holland
NH TC-40DA Great Tractor
Model Year: 2005

Well designed, too bad the new ones aren't as nice.

Pros: Powerfull for it's size.
Cons: Key switch keeps quitting.

5.00 star(s)

TC40DA New Holland
New Holland TC40DA
Model Year: 2004

Excellent handling and performance and very reliable tractor. Strong front end loader and good hydraulics. Overall, fun to work with. Nice with turf tires.

Pros: Smooth running 4cil. diesel.
Cons: No.

5.00 star(s)

TC40DA New Holland
New Holland TC40DA
Model Year: 2004

Excellent and handy tractor to work with. Very good hydraulics. Strong front loader with perfect working joystick. Low noise diesel engine.

Pros: Well-known brand for value and dealerships.
Cons: No.

5.00 star(s)

TC40DA New Holland
Good, Hard Working Tractor
Model Year: 2001

I have a Curtis Cab with heat, 720C blade, 17LA front loader, 756C backhoe on homemade frame mount using 720 blade mounts and custom rear mount off of drawbar bracket, 6” Olathe wood chipper. I added a block heater (purchased from dealer, he had best price for it), mechanical temp gauge. Improved work lights front and back. Only problems, temp gauge and fuel guage not working. Got temp gauge working but fuel gauge still out. Ignition switch is intermittent, will replace when it gets warmer in the spring. Great job with our recent 14” snowfall with 4’ drifts on our 450’ driveway and 600’ shop driveway (where tractor is stored).

Pros: Good running, strong front loader.
Cons: Ignition switch somewhat flaky.

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