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TC45 New Holland
2000 New Holland TC45D
Model Year: 2000

Build Qual: I was not very happy with some key quality items. First was a FEL joystick that broke repeatedly. 2nd was welds on the HST pedals that were inferior and broke. 3rd was a leaky battery and ruined radiator, HST cooler plumbing, and battery shelf before 50 hr of service. 4th was rust under the operator's platform. Features: The operator station has brakes on the left with HST pedals on the right and no clutch needed. The sloping hood gives superior visibility. The HST Rabbit/Turtle switch innovation is excellent. Fuel tank in rear, up to 3 hydraulic remotes, and one of the first tractors to have extendable lower links round out the list. Performance: This rating relates to usabilty as well as power. I cannot imagine any tractor being easier to operate. I don't think it's possible and that rates 5 stars. The only issue I have is that NH did not build an HST transmission that can handle all the power of the 45 hp engine. This takes one star away and makes it a 4 star rating. Value: I looked at Masseys, John Deeres, Kiotis, Mahindras, and Kubotas to compare with my TC45D. The NH had all the features I wanted for the most competitive price. The closest 2nd was the Kubota L4610 which was priced over $2900 more than the TC45D. I purchased my tractor in Jan 2001 to correspond with a special NH $500 discount offered during the Fort Worth Stock Show. I was surprised that the dealer beat my lowest expected price by several hundred dollars. Reliability: Until NH fixed the joystick design, battery leaking problems, and beefed up the HST pedals, this tractor was not reliable as it came to me. It is now very reliable, but anyone buying one of these early machines should expect to have problems until they modify their tractors as I did. Dealer: I'm very happy with my dealer and particularly his service manager. I was treated very well during my purchase and any warranty claim or repair was handled completely to my satisfaction. The only thing that keeps me from giving my dealer 5 stars is that they have lagged behind in use of the internet.

Pros: The most innovation and performance for the dollar spent.
Cons: Lack of attention to detail on early models. Late entry into the Internet.

4.00 star(s)

TC45 New Holland
tc 45da
Model Year: 2005

Hydro 45 hp with loader and quicktach. 3 sets of remotes, draft control and front remotes. Tractor was not set up from the factory right. I thought I had a bad tranny but I was only putting out 33 hp on the dyno. Took 3 weeks to get the tractor back because they had to have a specialized technition adjust it. Otherwise the tractor has been solid. I love the supersteer when I am mowing or working in the woods. I hate it working around buildings. Scuffed up the sides of a few of them now. I wish they had a lock in lock out feature. Ergonomics are great. 10hours on the tractor is no problem. The front remotes on the loader are great for the front grapple.

Pros: great ergonomics
Cons: factory/dealer set up could have been bette

5.00 star(s)

TC45 New Holland
Would buy same model with same features again.
Model Year: 2007

I read the posts here for a couple years before purchasing. Hydro lets me maneuver well with the FEL and Forks. Hydro lets me move as slow as I want for a tiller. The only thing I would say someone else might do different is they might not want to pay for the extra 5 or 10 HP. The TC 35 or TC 40 does everything I can do but just has less power. I do not regret getting my 45 HP, I can't add it later. A dream to drive and operate. All the controls feel like they are part of me. I also purchased the backhoe to go with it. I would purchase the same one again with the subframe. I believe it is a 758C.

Pros: Great Tractor
Cons: None

5.00 star(s)

TC45 New Holland
Model Year: 2004

I wanted to buy a ford tractor but since they were no longer in production I purchased the next best one. It is a very capable unit. The only thing I would change is increasing the wheelbase.Very unstable with heavy front loads. Tires are also very cheap.Having been a Ford dealer I liked the color.

Pros: power,loader,ps
Cons: tires, wheelbase

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TC45 New Holland
TC45DA - great tractor for small farm
Model Year: 2006

This tractor came home to live with me and my wife last August ( and is really an amazing machine. Plenty of power to pull a 2 bottom plow through abandoned pasture without missing a beat. Turns the 6' BushHog though super thick growth and brush with hardly a second thought. The operator platform is well thought out, easy to use and have lots of great features. High/Low range is accessible by the push of a button on the loader joystick (makes moving materials a snap) - seat and steering wheel are fully adjustable, all the needed controls are clearly marked and easy to operate.

Pros: adjustable seat, high/low range on loader joystick, curse works in forward and reveres, power, engine noise
Cons: hyro can be noisy

5.00 star(s)

TC45 New Holland
Boomer 3045
Model Year: 2010

Purchased for snow removal with reversible snow plow and 80 inches snow blower. I operate airplane hangars for my retirement. Unit has a roomy cab with A.C. heating, CD Radio etc. Unfortunately (fortunately for other people) this winter was a very very unusual winter with almost no snow showers..., 19 hours on the meter and winter is over.... So far So good....

Pros: very nice, quiet and comfortable cab
Cons: not much to say at this time

5.00 star(s)

TC45 New Holland
New Holland TC45
Model Year: 1994

I use this tractor mostly for snow removal and tilling. I like the four wheel drive and power steering. This was a priority when I started looking for another tractor. Overall, I am pleased with it's performance and quality.

Pros: Large platform, easy access, good visibility to loader, and good power
Cons: The hydraulic coud be faster; reverse gears in same range, are always a little faster than forward.

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TC45 New Holland
5 years of service almost trouble free.
Model Year: 2002

In 5 years I have a little over 1,300 hours on the tractor. tractor was purchased with a, back hoe, post hole digger & Hydralic Gannon. I have built 2 different drags, 1 good fork lift that attaches on the loader bucket mounts, a quickie fork that bolts to the bucket, a pusher bar for unloading my flat bed truck, trenching fork that bolts to the back hoe bucket and a log splitter. Very few problems and all were minor. Seat switch went out after 4 years. Minor hose leaks on the backhoe quickly replaced by dealer.

Pros: Very reliable.
Cons: Would liske just a little more hydraulic pressure.

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)

TC45 New Holland
Great and Powerful
Model Year: 2005

My TC45a has done everything I've asked and runs like new after 5 years. Easy to maintain and has the energy to do a lot of chores.

Pros: Visibility, power, & manuverability.
Cons: Not an automatic.

Photo Uploads:

4.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TC45 New Holland
Mixed Emotions
Model Year: 2003

After an exhaustive search, settled on New Holland TC45d Very smooth and powerful engine. Build quality seems quite nice. Have had repeated small issues. But I believe them to primarily be related to previous ownership. The tractor is very sturdy and should be a great asset.

Pros: Price point, versatility. Capability.
Cons: Parts are way too expensive, specifically body panels and cosmetic parts.

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