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Anonymous Poster

TN60A New Holland
Great Tractor for Me
Model Year: 2006

I've had several SCUT since 1984, but got my first "real tractor" in 2006 to manage large hay bales for our horses. I'd had good experiences with both Kubota and Ford/New Holland, but the Kubota dealer closed and my most recent tractors were NewHolland. I also got a great deal, great trade, and have had good service for the one time it went back. I've moved round bales, large square bales, and used a large rear mount post driver and couldn't be happier with the tractor's performance. I have a bale spear, FEL, pallet forks, and find them very useful with this tractor. My only quibble was my wife was intimidated by the size of the tractor after using the SCUT over the years so I "had" to buy her a smaller chore tractor so she could do what she wanted to do. When buying this tractor, I told the dealer what I wanted, he told me this was probable more than adequate, he gave me much more for my trade than I paid for it, and I've never had reason to second guess his judgment.

Pros: Does everything I've asked it to do.
Cons: Too big for my wife so she has her own SCUT.

5.00 star(s)

TN60A New Holland
TN60A 4x4 with FEL
Model Year: 2008

Everytime I get on this tractor I wonder why I didn't buy it twenty years ago. Sure beats the old John Deere Johnny Poppers and Farmall H and M. I use mine for just about everything you can think of. The only thing I would change is the exhaust stack. Wishes it was under the tractor because of the trees. It's a three cylinder diesel burns very little fuel. Slight vibration because of just being a three cylinder, but I can live with it. Wonderful tractor.

Pros: Easy to operate. Shuttle shift is great.
Cons: Tall exhaust stack, three cylinder vibration, but it's not bad.

5.00 star(s)

TN60A New Holland
New Holland TN60A
Model Year: 2005

Bought as a lease return tractor. Been very easy to use, reliable (had to fix thermostat this week, but except for damage I have done by using it as a forestry tractor without guards, this is the only problem) and Lift-o-Matic feature has made three point equip very easy to use. All the controls are where you want them to be, so doesn't take long to feel at home.

Pros: 1/2 price because it was used, bigger and easier to use than the old Long 445.
Cons: None so far. I will have to add weights because it didn't have any, but they are available.

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TN60A New Holland
Worth Every Dime And Dollar I Paid For It!
Model Year: 2007

I bought this tractor last year and have ran it doing everything from cleaning ditches and baling hay to knocking down small trees and blading the driveway. It has done everything I have asked it. My only complaint is it is to light. I have a front-end loader on it and when I first got it and moved some dirt around the place it got very light on the rear (lifting the rear tires off the ground). I couldn't even get a full bucket. I put water in all of the tires and the front as well, but still the rear end is light. I think about 200 to 500 pounds of rear wheel weights should take care of this problem. Other then that, I have not had a problem.

Pros: Better than doing it by hand or asking a neighbor
Cons: Tractor is light in weight on rear axle

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TN60A New Holland
Outstanding Tractor
Model Year: 2005

I purchased this tractor new in 2005. It has done everything I have needed to manage a 300-acre farm. It handles all attachments with ease. It has great features and is very simple to maintain. I just had the first problem in 10 years of ownership - a hydraulic leak in the steering cylinder. Nothing major. I would highly recommend it and would buy it again.

Pros: Easy to use and maintain
Cons: A little on the noisy side

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