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4.00 star(s)

TN65 New Holland
New Holland TN65 FWA, Loader
Model Year: 2000

Tractor had FWA, 32LA loader and open station with 8x8 shuttle shift transmission.

Pros: Shuttle shift, great visibility, easy 3pt hookup, quick removable loader.
Cons: Some issues when new mostly fit and finish issues, paint flaking off of hood, throttle keeps needing to be tightened

4.00 star(s)
Scout Dork

TN65 New Holland
New Holland TN55
Model Year: 2005

The TN55 was the smallest large tractor I wanted or needed. It is able to lift one ton bales, pull a 11' disc, 7' blade and power a bush hog 850 back hoe. Adding FEL with a 7' bucket was perfect, with fork lift attachment, couldn't live without it. I maintain 50 acres now, perfect size. I bought it used with a hour meter that was tampered with, so unknown hours. I'm an IH person, but the price was right, built on the same line.

Pros: Cost, Power, & size
Cons: Dealers

4.00 star(s)

TN65 New Holland
New Holland Tn65
Model Year: 2000

This has been a great tractor and it has done more than I expected.

Pros: Ergonomics, power and utility.
Cons: Electrical

4.00 star(s)

TN65 New Holland
Great Machine
Model Year: 2000

Overall, very good machine. Only minor repairs in 6 years. Fuel burn OK, hydraulics strong. Runs a 8' brush hog without problem.

Pros: Reliable
Cons: Metric nuts & bolts

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)

TN65 New Holland
TN65 - Excellent Utility Tractor
Model Year: 2003

I use my tractor for everything from handling rolled hay to bushhogging to moving dirt and gravel for maintaining the roads and trails on the property. My TN65 has performed exceptionally. If I had one improvement to make, I think I would have dropped the extra money for a 4WD. Of course that isn't a failing of the machine, only a failing of my wallet at the time :) The stock model had all the feature I wanted save the sun shade. I also added a FEL and extra valves rather than splitting the existing stock remote. I've been very happy with the service and performance.

Pros: Excellent fuel efficiency, good torque. good hydraulics, excellent value
Cons: Brake pedals could be further apart (I have big feet), differential lock is a little stiff.

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)

TN65 New Holland
2001 NH TN65
Model Year: 2001

After ten years we are still delighted with this tractor. NH32LA loader, 8X8 Mechanical shuttle transmission does the job for us on the dairy farm.

Pros: Toughness, maneuverability, durability.
Cons: We don't have two of them.

Photo Uploads:

4.00 star(s)
Tom Doore

TN65 New Holland
Model Year: 2004

Overall the tractor is good. The problem with the hydraulic system (ie. spool) in relief valve, when it let go it filled pump with fillings. It cost a couple thousand to fix! was told New Holland wouldn't help fix.

Pros: Strong and powerful.
Cons: Poor engineering in hydraulic system.

4.00 star(s)
David Swindell

TN65 New Holland
New Holland TN65S
Model Year: 2000

Good small tractor including cab and A/C. I use it mainly for a topping (Brushcutter!) and pulling a 6-ton dump trailer. It's comfortable and performs well for my requirements and turns in tight spaces with the super steer. Problem: previous owner has damaged the threads on the pick-up-hitch mounting holes on the underside of the rear transmission casing! How do I repair this problem?

Pros: Does everything it says on the can within the limits of 65BHP.
Cons: Can't see many considering the pros.

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