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    Summit 3 port mulitiplier

    I put the four port version on my tractor. It works great for my six way blade. I run my top link on a factory remote and the three blade functions on the multiplier.
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    64 years old TD14 dozer still pulling the Giant logs. Unbelievable......

    I grew up in Palo Cedro just East of Redding. Joined the military after high school and have rarely been back since.
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    64 years old TD14 dozer still pulling the Giant logs. Unbelievable......

    Are you in NorCal? I’ve only heard the term “digger pine” in CA and those look like valley oaks in the video.
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    Welding a piece of receiver tube to the packer would work as well. I just couldn’t bring myself to weld on to the new EA packer. Plus, it will work on any three point equipment I just want to drag around behind one of my old Farmalls. It looks rough because I had just run a subsoiler through...
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    Get a three point model. It’s really easy to make a tow behind hitch for a three point version. I made a simple tow hitch to tow my EA 96” cultipacker behind the tiller.
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    The power shuttle uses an electronically controlled wet clutch. There is a clutch pedal, but it only operates a switch in the dash. If the wet clutch loses hydraulic pressure, then I guess it could slip. How many hours on tractor and when it acts up, is your foot touching the clutch pedal...
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    Everything Attachments is great!

    I ordered this one in January. It’s been in the tractor more than anything else this year.
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    Case Farmall 75

    Does applying and resetting the parking brake fix it temporarily? Was your tractor one of the Farmalls made by LS in Korea?
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    Any response when contacting LS USA?

    LS corporate won’t talk to you, especially about pricing. They may let you know who is the area rep for your area. Ask any local dealer who the LS area rep is. Leave that person a message and he should return your call and you can express your displeasure with a certain dealer.
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    Hydraulic multiplier?

    I installed the three port Summit multiplier on my tractor. Works good with my six way blade and can still use my top link.
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    For the newbies The best creature comfort add-ons to your tractor To consider when buying

    Besides everything mentioned above; Tie down points on the frame front and rear for chains while trailering. A place to put a cellphone near the 12volt outlet in the cab while it’s charging. Expanded steel mesh in the front grille guard. 7 pin RV style electrical connector on the rear instead...
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    Congratulations on the new toy! Just take it slow, read all you can about tractor use and use your head. Always be conscious that a tractor will hurt you or anybody nearby not belted in the seat. Hydraulics and PTO shafts are unforgiving and don’t care if your squishy bits are in the way. Set...
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    Ditch flail mower too big for my Kubota?

    You are correct, my offset ditch/bank mower is probably the most dangerous attachment I have. While the mower part is arguably safer than a rotary cutter, the weight combined with the hydraulic operation as well as needing a very long PTO shaft and how far it hangs off the right side of the...
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    Ditch flail mower too big for my Kubota?

    You can get away with it if you are careful. Once the roller is on the ground, the tractor doesn’t carry the weight. I run a similar Berti 2 meter ditch bank flail on my 60 PTO hp LS. All totaled, it weighs about 1800 lbs. You would definitely need the tires loaded and want them spaced out as...
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    Why is my T/M cooler covered in oil and dirt? XR4150HC

    My dealer sent me a replacement throttle pedal for free even though My machine was a little over two years old because I was still under 200 hours. LS seems to be pretty reasonable in these things.