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    Sloppy 3-Point Bottom Links - What to Do? (video)

    Both bottom links on my Case IH 685 are very sloppy and I'd like to fix them. I pulled one to inspect it, and was dismayed to see that there does not seem to be a retainer clip holding in the ball, and it appears that the entire arm was manufactured as an assembly with the links not being...
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    Looking at a BD2F Dozer - What Kind of Tracks Are These?

    I'm negotiating for a BD2F dozer. I'll probably take an expert to look at it with me because I don't know squat about dozers (save that I want one :)), but I don't recognize the track style on this thing. Can anyone enlighten me what their intended us is, and how they would work in clay for...
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    A Really Useful "Branch Hacking" Mowing Aid For $11

    I took a chance on the Harbor Freight 18" Machete With Serrated Blade (SKU 62682 or 62683) at $5.99 for something to keep on the tractor to deal with intruding tree branches while I'm mowing rather than making a separate project out of trimming them. The serrated blade on the back side is...
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    Water Trough Algae - Pool Shock?

    Algae in stock tanks is a constant problem. It's not a huge time waster to clean, but it would sure be nice if it didn't form in the first place. I have researched treating the water with bleach, but that requires 2-3 oz of household bleach per 50 gal trough, and the...
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    Case/IH 685 3-Point Lift Control Tension Adjust, DIY Knobs, Labeling

    Little of everything here: First off, the 3-point lift lever on my 685 requires about 40 lbs of force to move. I assume (hope) that there is a simple tension adjustment for that, but I thought I would ask before I went exploring and broke something. Is the bolt through the "puck" holding the...
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    Broadcast Spreader Settings for Triazicide Acre+

    I know, this is a long shot, but I'm trying to save myself a few hours of experimentation. I need to spread Spectricide Triazacide Acre+ at the .8LB/1000SqFt rate with my King Cutter 400 Poly 3 point spreader. Has anyone out there done this combination, and what gate setting/PTO speed/Ground...
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    What Is This The Front End Of? - See Pics

    A guy in Hugo Oklahoma has this for sale on facebook as "Yard Art". I find it kind of appealing. Does anybody recognize what it's the front end of?
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    So I bought a Yazoo

    Had the same problem with our little Husky. It doesn't slip anymore :-)
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    Repair ATV Tire With a Bolt?

    UPDATE: Three years and hundreds of miles later, the nut/bolt fix is still holding without leakage despite my beating the crap out of the machine.
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    Leaning Fence Post Remediation

    I have wooden corner and end posts all over my property that are leaning. The fences were perfect when I bought this place several years ago but apparently the installation was lacking for our expansive soil, and every post under any side stress is leaning. I want to fix this problem without...
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    Bad Product at Tractor Supply.

    Steel cherry red is ~1300 Deg F., which is about tops for a wood fire. Charcoal can hit ~2000 Deg F. To get either hotter you have to add Oxygen like LOX or some serious stoking. We're 1000 Deg F short of melting by my math. This was clearly a "red man" fire, just big enough to cook the brats.
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    Getting to Know the Tractor on a Slope

    I put an inclinometer on my Ford. Worked out well in that location. I got it on ebay if I remember correctly.
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    What's This On The Power Pole?

    Yup, you are absolutely correct! I did by drone flight trying to get better images, but couldn't get close enough without making a spectacle of myself next to the highway, so I moved on to plan B, which was resurrecting my old Sony DSC-F828 digital camera which I kind of stopped using once my...
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    What's This On The Power Pole?

    Today I'm out working on my gate opener by the road, enjoying the balmy 108 deg F weather, and I look up and see this new radome looking "thingy" up on the pole. That pole is carrying, what I assume to be, 3 phase 13kv power along the state highway. That tapper on the left phase is the one that...
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    Pole barn materials have arrived

    I got a crate of broodlamps on sale and populated them with some big, cheap, CFLs. Got about $11 in each light. One lamp failure in 2 years so far, but I bought extras.