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    Growing Old With Dignity

    I'm sure many will take offense to this post but it needs to be said. Current medications are keeping folks alive well beyond their expiration date. What is your game plan? Hopefully it is not to expect your children to change your diapers and bath you. Adult heath care is ridiculously expensive...
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    Crazy County Water Pressure

    A neighbor stopped by this morning to borrow my hose bib water pressure gauge and out of curiosity I hooked it up to the unregulated side of my place and it was 150PSI ! He lives down the hill from me so his pressure would be even higher. It is likely a lot of you would love a little more water...
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    Homemade Pepper Viinegar - Any Recepies or Experiance?

    I have several nice small bottles I was planning to use to make a colorful pepper vinegar table dispensers as a small thank you gift for party hosts, etc. First problem I ran into is I cannot find the super small peppers traditional used. So I have a few questions: - Is it worth the trouble...
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    Bolting Chain Hook to Tractor Frame

    I only trailer my tractor two or three times a year and it seems every time I do I spend an hour trying to secure the front chains. Last time I came up with a solution I have yet to try, do you see any safety or other issues? There are two factory 3/8" holes one on each side of the front frame...
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    Utility Trailer Weight

    Asking anyone with an all steel 6x10, 6x12 single axle utility trailer if they can be easily moved by hand? I have a 7x18 aluminum car hauler and am looking for a smaller trailer for my UTV but if they are too heavy to be easily moved by hand why spend the money. Thanks
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    Hardie Cement Backer Board Installation Question

    My bathroom project time line has stretched well past my planned completion date but finally have the drywall up and ready to setup for the tile. I'm consistently amazed on how many different opinions there are on how to install a product that has been in use for years. OEM instructions...
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    Yearly Oil Changes - Opinions

    Even if oil change hours/mileage are not met my service manuals recommend yearly oil changes as a minimum. If using modern high quality synthetic oils does anyone see a reason this is necessary? None of the vehicles are still under warranty. Not sure I'm comfortable not changing oil at least...
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    Stolen Tractors and Bigfoot

    Over the years, there has been a lot of discussion on how to secure your equipment, myself included, but I just did a search, and what I found was mostly second hand stories about stolen tractors. Has anyone on TBN actually had a tractor stolen? If so would you share some details and/or...
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    Small Engine Battery CCA Requirements

    I need a battery for my JD LX279 riding lawnmower, the factory battery is 500 CCA, really??? I have a 160HP Yamaha that uses a 300CCA battery, a Kawasaki 24HP Cub Zero Turn that uses a 230CCA "cheap" mower battery, and for some reason JD says I need a $150 full size battery for a 17HP Kawasaki...
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    Hydraulic Line Hauler - Block Pully Question

    This is off topic but couldn't find a better place to post my question - I was a fan of the Deadliest Catch until they made it a drama-queen competition but they are running a marathon over the holidays so ended up watching a few episodes. My question is: How does the crab pot "block" work? I...
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    Beaver has killed at least 8-Trees in a few weeks

    Went out to pick up the tractor for servicing yesterday and found we have a new resident in our small pond at the back of our property. Not sure how many beavers there are but most of the trees we wanted to keep have been killed. Never would have guessed there were beavers in the area as I have...
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    Drywall Thickness for the Ceiling

    Still trudging along with my master bath redo, I am about ready to hang drywall and was planning on using water resistant green-board on both the ceiling and walls. Unfortunately no one locally carries 5/8" thick green-board. This leaves me two options, go with 1/2" green board on the ceiling or...
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    Rotella T6 Rebate

    $7/gallon rebate limited to 4-gals per household. Thru 31 December.
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    Stupid New Owner Tricks or What Not to Do with Your New Tractor

    I was thinking back on mistakes I made as a new tractor owner and was curious if there are common mistakes maybe new owners could benefit from hearing. Do your best to list your first three mistakes in ascending order that could have resulted in serious injury or equipment damage. Here are mine...
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    Check Your Roof Vents for Leaks!

    I am remolding a bathroom and after tearing down the drywall I found some dry rot on the top framing plate where the sink vent goes through the ceiling. Got up onto the roof and found five of the six vent boots have dry rotted which allows water to run down the pipe. My roof is less than...