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    Spreader What belt is this ?

    I have an International Harvester 103 manure spreader on which the belt is about to break. I tried to find the part number, but no luck so far. Messicks has the IH 103 on file, but the belt is not listed. I can measure the length of the old belt, but I think it has the wrong width and...
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    L2900DT exhaust oil leak

    My L2900DT ( Dual traction) D1503 L-A has a oil leak at the exhaust manifold. I would like your opinion about what would cause this oil leak, and how to fix. After cleaning this is the oil it leaks after 4 hours run time. I did not notice loss of power, and no abnormal smoke. The tractor is NON...
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    What is the capacity of this pump?

    I recently bought a Case 1816C skidsteer. The pump for the cylinders is noisy, and I think the replacement is DFE080 (9-12390) Surplus center. The question I have is what is the displacement of the old pump? REXROTH 05098 S12SX50AK55R I read somewhere that it is 8 Gpm at 1100 PSI at 3600...
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    Diesel timing light, Princess Auto.

    Princess Auto, the Canadian equivalent of Harbor Freight, has this diesel timing light on sale this month.( March 2020). Does anyone have experience with diesel timing lights?
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    Electrical Issue

    click picture to enlarge This is a diagram from another model Mitsubishi, but the starter and contact switch circuit will be close. You did not mention when the fusible link blows. Is it while starting, glowing, or as soon as you connect the battery cable? Put a 12 volt light in series with...
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    international b275 ok or trouble ?

    I know this is an old thread, but some one might appreciate the info. Glow plugs in series. The glow indicator is not shown in this diagram. The problem with this system is that there are 8 resistors in series. If the system gets older and parts loose their specs it will not glow all the...
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    1720 Ford starter grinding problem solved by rewireing starter functions

    This does exactly the same as you are describing, but is using only the start switch to accomplish this. I hope this diagram explains better what I suggested. The starter wire on the starter solenoid is removed and connected to the added solenoid. Then the freed connection is connected to...
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    1720 Ford starter grinding problem solved by rewireing starter functions

    I am thinking that with replacing the starter button by a small automotive relay you can make it work with the key only. The right image shows how the big starter solenoid contact is used to switch the automotive relay to ground. The automotive relay positive would be powered from the contact...
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    6441 hard to start

    If your glow-relay is a AEV 7022 like in the picture, than the connectors with the nuts (30 and 87) should be + from battery and glow plugs. You can click on the image to enlarge. In the 6 prong plug, I think not sure!, T from temperature gauge 31 ground L glow light 31 ground 50...
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    Battery disconnect switch

    There have been a debate about if the battery disconnect switch should be in the plus or in the ground. On tractors and heavy equipment the SINGLE POLE shut off switch is mostly used, and is often put in the positive battery wire. In my opinion it is safer to put the switch in the ground wire...
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    Thumb Mini Excavator thumb

    I think you need only one. Click on the picture to enlarge. The parts added for the thumb are shown in the red circle. In the third circuit are the Quick Connects for the log splitter. If the pressure comes from the pump (pushing), then there is the main and/or bucket relief valve plus...
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    Thumb Plumbing excavator thumb

    A relief valve P-T-P (pressure- tank-pressure, no check valve, only relief) could be plumbed in series into either cylinder port. On the second picture you see a connector block with plugs where the hoses connect to the pipes. I took out one of the plugs and plumbed in the relief valve. The...
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    3 Point Geometry

    I also found it difficult to get it right. I aimed for the top hole, but the middle hole gave the best result. An other thing I did not anticipate is that when you lift a load, the tires bulge and the angle of the forks change, and also the max height becomes a little less. When I made the...
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    American Farmer tire- bad tire

    I have American Farmer tires on the front of my Kubota with LA480 loader. I keep the tires at the recommended pressure. I don't want to buy American Farmer tires anymore. What are my options?
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    What is it ?

    I was given a 3 point hitch mower that was not used for some years. The cutting width is 5 ft. There is a plate with the number 3099 and 100389. I think that is the model and serial number. The colours are green and yellow, but a search in the John Deere parts catalog comes up empty. [/ATTACH]...