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    Someone stole my dog today!

    ...and then they brought him back. I can't figure this one out. I leave my house around 9 AM. I'm missing my Springer Spaniel, Buddy. My lab is still there but he is a little skittish if he doesn't know you so he would be hard to steal. I look under the house with the flashlight, no dog. No...
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    Drill Press

    I have been in the market for a drill press for quite a while. I don't like the looks of the chinzy "home workshop" models and don't like the price of the proffessional models. I have been working the estate sales and the auctions and all I have seen have been basically junk. I stumbled into...
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    Metric Hardware

    Junkman's nuts post made me think about a pet peeve of mine so I decided to start a new thread to vent. Metric fasteners. Between imported machine tools, cars and other products and American manufacturers converting to metrics we've been working on metrification for over thirty years. How come...
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    Plow/Land measure

    I found this on a blacksmith site I frequent. The plow rework at the start is interesting, I did a little of it when I was a kid. I really found the land measure section at the end of the page to be helpful. Now you know why fence posts get set 16 feet apart...
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    Credit Problem

    Howdy! I recieved a letter from my insurance company stating that they wouldn't give me the best rate due to credit issues. This was news to me, I have perfect credit. You have the right to receive a free copy of the credit report that they used to make their determination so I took Trans Union...
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    Oil Pressure Switch

    Howdy! Can any of you dealership personnel put your hands on an engine oil pressure switch for a TN 65? My dealership parts department says the're on national back order and the parts locator says there's none in Texas. I can buy it direct or through my dealer, however you want to do it. I have...
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    What's the line these days on keeping batteries it the refridgerator? I have some alkali batteries that I've had in the 'fridge for quite a while and some from the same lot in the flashlight. The batteries in the flashlight have been there for a year and a half, at least, and seem fine. Is it...
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    First I got an anvil, now I have a forge. I got it for $100. It needed legs because the old one were rotted so I built a set. I was going to post a before picture but I'd hit the wrong button on the camera before I started and the file was too big.
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    I stumbled onto this the other day for $75. I've been looking for a good anvil for years, I think I did O.K.. I also bought the vise pictured for $20. I'm going to mount it on my welding table so I don't screw up my good Wilton vise.
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    Tool Box Price

    This one is for Spencer200. I was at my NH dealer the other day and noticed that some of the new TN's have a fuel tank extention that ties into the filler pipe for the regular fuel tank and mounts across the back of the tractor. This takes up the space where the regular TN toolbox mounts so they...
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    Trans- Atlantic Flight If someone can figure out how to wire something like this up on a tractor they could mow their lawn from work!
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    Hazardous Substence
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    TN oil leak

    I have a TN 65 that has had a rear main engine seal leak since it was new. I've had it around a year and a half. It wasn't leaking bad, just a little around the weep hole. I mentioned it to the dealer and they told me they all leaked a little until they had some time on them. It sounded like...
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    Page Rollover

    I've noticed that on a couple of other sites that when a thread opens a new page the last three or so posts carry over to the new page. Is there a quick and easy way for us to do that? It can be a little bit of a PITA to have to page back and forth when there is, say, three new posts and only...
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    I just pulled this up when I tried to access the "Photos" forum. Did I get a promotion that I didn't know about? Warning: Too many connections in /home/tractorb/ on line 38 SQL ERROR: Wed, Feb 26 2003 14:37:18 -0600 Database error only visible to...