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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Life is never boring, is it? Best of luck on the rental situation. If you can swing the camper situation I think that would probably be a great solution (if I were in your shoes). Rob
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    Scenery pictures, what does your world look like............

    Fall colors continue to shine. This is in central MN:
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Thumbs up for innovation!
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    Ed's 77 Terex 72-41 Wheel Loader

    Congrats! That was a big project.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Arc fault is different than ground fault circuits. Don't know the details myself, but they are two different types of protection.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    That's a great point and worth emphasizing. If there is a way to wire the light boxes with the neutral wire method it will open up a much wider range of smart light device choices. Might not mean much now, but in 5 years it might really be appreciated. Rob
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Likely because working with 12 in a box is more difficult. I always try to get the widest and deepest box I can make work for the application because I hate trying to nicely stash 12ga wire into them.
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    Regarding support, once you are a customer they are very responsive. I've opened a couple cases with them and they provide good customer service. They (apparently) want to limit the volume of work coming in from non-customers during the beta time. While it does deliver a less-than-stellar...
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    Yes, a deposit, versus full payment for purchase, will have no expected delivery timeline until they are able to expand capacity. The service is 'available' everywhere within the latitudes they currently cover, just with a limitation of only a certain number of customers per cell. A cell is...
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    I assume you didn't place and actual order in February ($500+), you paid a $99 deposit? You can play around entering different addresses (i.e. from nearby your location by a mile or two) and see if any result in a "service is available" message. You can do that without cancelling your deposit...
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    Look into wifi mesh systems to distribute the connection. Possibly in combination with a wireless bridge that would beam your wifi network signal from your shed to your house.
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    Galvanized bolts? Need 36 carriage bolts, washers and nuts

    Home Depot in my area carries galvanized hardware bulk. Rob
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    John Deer 997 diesel won't start

    Well, if the battery is known good then fuse or safety switch are the likely culprits. Check all fuses for blown ones. Try to jumper safety switches to bypass them. As mentioned above, make sure battery terminal connections are in good shape and tight. A lesser possibility is the health of the...
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    Untreated lumber for uncovered deck?

    Well, Rust-Oleum makes a product called Creo-Coat that is great for preserving and protecting untreated wood, above or below ground. But it is black and likely not something you'd want on a deck.